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Part time, flex time, remote: 
There Are All Sorts of Job Types for Older Workers — Here’s How to Find Them

by Kerry Hannon at

I love my job. I log in to my computer in the quiet predawn from my comfy couch with a steaming mug of black coffee and get to work tout de suite.

    Admittedly, I work for several employers, but it’s all virtual.

    Working remotely is not new, but it’s steadily gaining a head of steam for workers of all ages. Over the last five years U.S. workers working remotely grew 44% to around 4.7 million, according to research by job board in partnership with Global Workplace Analytics.   MORE

Put Your Talents Back to Work After 60 and Beyond

by Becki Cohn-Vargas at

People transition into retirement in different ways. Some, like professors and therapists, can gradually cut back on their workload. Others enjoy their retirement party and then choose not to have anything to do with their previous career.

    And still others, like myself, hope to take the knowledge and skills we have honed over years of study and experience and find a way to contribute to the larger field.   MORE

Need a Job Now? Today?

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. The U.S. Census is actively and aggressively seeking workers to help with next year’s census.  The website – – boasts, “We've found 5,264 Census Bureau Jobs near you!” You also search for census jobs at

    What have you got to lose?

Highly Employable People
Do These 9 Things on a Regular Basis

by Anouare Abdou at

Some people get poached before even thinking about their next move. Others spend months looking for jobs with no luck. Some people score one promotion after the other and easily transition between industries. Others feel pigeonholed in their current roles. 

    When it comes to getting the job, there are many factors at play. Focus on the ones you can control by adopting the habits of the most employable people. 

    From knowing how to sell themselves to continuously getting out of their comfort zone, here is what A-players continuously do to stand out.

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What are you really bringing to the table?

You’ve been in the workplace for a long time – years, perhaps decades.  That should be a huge advantage over a younger applicant. Right? Absolutely.

    So when you tell a prospective employer that you have 20+ years on the job, they should be impressed, should they not?  Absolutely.

    In today’s job market, however, simply logging time on the job isn’t enough.  Not that it isn’t important anymore, because it is.  But you need to sell yourself beyond the bare number of years of experience. Your neighbor’s lawn statue has been there for 20 years too. But so what? You need to impress upon that employer what that number means to the prospective organization.

    What should be synonymous with your years of experience, is an advanced level of know how.  It’s not just that you showed up for 20+ years, it’s what you’ve learned over that time.  And what you learned – your know how, your expertise, your efficiency – that’s what you are bringing to the table.  You need to focus on the results of your 20+ years, not simply the passing of time, and how you’re going bring that to your new job.

    That’s where the real value in hiring you lies.  That’s why they should feel comfortable about taking a chance on you. It’s when you tell them that you can do this, that and the other thing because you’ve done it before, and you’ve done it successfully.

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More job search assistance can be found in the Nifty50s library.

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