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Older Employees Bring Plenty Of Value To Companies

by Joseph Bednar at

Fern Selesnick says older job seekers have clear advantages over younger applicants — most notably, a lifetime of experience.

    “You can say, ‘I have experience in this field, and I pretty much know what’s coming around the bend and can solve problems, and nothing can throw me,’” she told attendees of a recent workshop for mature workers at the MassHire Springfield Career Center.

    “The people out there who are younger than you cannot say that,” she went on. “And the only reason you can say you know the problems that come up and you know how to solve them and you are unflappable is your age. That translates to an employer saying, ‘this person is going to save me time, money, and headaches. I won’t have to work so hard.’”   MORE

Comments on “Employment and Training for Mature Adults: the Current System and Moving Forward”

by Gary Burtless at

Paul Osterman gives us a clear, compact, and shrewd overview of the U.S. training system for mature adults. He does not focus on the implications or effects of automation per se. Instead he offers a timely assessment of the structure, strengths, and weaknesses of the current system.

    His focus is appropriate, because the training issues arising from automation are roughly the same as those arising from any other source of job loss or occupational change. This includes disruptions caused by shifts in consumer tastes, company setbacks in competition with their rivals, and international trade as well as technological change. If the training system is equipped to deal with one kind of labor market disruption, it should be capable of dealing with the other ones, too.   MORE

How to Find Your Way as a Job Seeker

by Andrew Seaman at

Job seekers take different paths while looking for work. While some people take a spontaneous approach toward their job hunt, others develop a plan. Priscilla Encarnacion falls into the latter category. She recently posted about her job search and career transition on LinkedIn.

    What struck me about Priscilla’s post was that she appeared to have mapped out a detailed plan. After chatting with her, I thought many of you could benefit from her story — especially if you’re thinking about switching careers.   MORE

Holiday Notice

In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, the Nifty50s will not publish this Friday (or this weekend) – November 29, 2019.  We will return on Monday, December 2, 2019.

    We hope that you experience the warmth and comfort of family and friends during this holiday.

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There is No Holiday from Job Search
There are some simple strategies that help the job seeker

The holiday season – a time when professional life often slows down while the personal side of life speeds up. In between there is the job seeker. For the job seeker, there are no holidays.

    This is not to say a job seeker should be a social hermit during this time. Granted there are those awkward moments when you’re asked, “What are you doing?” or, “How’s the job search going?” That’s another topic for another day.

    So, how best to use your time. With so many retailers adding bodies for the holidays – which is especially true this year, you have an excellent chance of landing one of those spots. Not only will you be able to soften your financial burden, but candidates with jobs are always more appealing to prospective employers.

    Also, many holiday retailers welcome individuals who are willing to work late – say a noon to nine shift. Why is this good for you? This schedule still allows you to keep your mornings available for your job search. You can even schedule job interviews in the mornings.

    If, for whatever reason, you’re not on anyone’s holiday payroll, there is still much to do. It’s a great time to do research on your target companies and/or target contacts – or, to uncover more target companies and contacts.

    It’s also a great time to circle back to previous contacts just to touch base to let them know that you’re still looking or to learn of any new developments.

    You might also want to take some time to scour the many free resume websites. You never know whether or not you’ll find some new and fresh ideas for sprucing up your resume.

    While it’s important to keep all your job search irons in the fire, it’s still the holidays. When it’s appropriate, put your job search out of your mind, relax and enjoy the time with family and friends.

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