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#OkBoomer vs. #OkMillennial: 
Workplace Nightmare, Or Just A Meme?

from Yuki Noguchi, National Public Radio

Sophie Vershbow has seen her share of "OK, boomer" memes in recent weeks. The phrase that's suddenly everywhere is meant to convey a fundamental disconnect between younger generations and baby boomers who cling to outdated, off-base ideas…

    The cross-generational insults have ratcheted up in recent weeks, also inspiring a backlash, including from those comparing "OK, boomer" to racial slurs. Last week, AARP, the group most identified with boomers, weighed in. That did not go well.   MORE

How To Reinvent Your Career After 40

by Caroline Castrillon at

Navigating a career change can be daunting and exhilarating at the same time. It may seem especially scary if you’re going through a career reinvention at the age of 40, 50 or beyond. The good news is that it can be done. According to a study from the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), 82% of adults 47 and older who attempted a career change after the age of 45 were ultimately successful. The key is to recognize that you are not just reinventing your career. You are also redefining yourself as a human being because the process starts from the inside out. If you want to break free from an unfulfilling job and reinvent your career, here are some tips that will help you succeed.   MORE

UK’s Oldest Racing Driver Shows No Signs of Slowing Down at the Age of 84 After 60-Year Career

by Hollie Bone at

The UK’s oldest racing driver has no plans to slow down at the age of 84 – after 60 years in motorsport which has seen his car go up in flames twice.

    Philip Barak, from Silverstone, Northants, claims his proudest achievement in racing is just surviving for the six decades he’s been doing it, despite facing a few near misses along the way.

    The grandfather-of two first realised his love for the rush at his first Formula 1 race as a spectator in 1952, and has been putting the pedal to the metal since 1956.   MORE

Philip Barak

How To Get Your Résumé
Past The Artificial Intelligence Gatekeepers

by Jeff Mills, SAP SuccessFactors

It’s no longer a secret that getting past the robot résumé readers to a human – let alone land an interview – can seem like trying to get in to see the Wizard of Oz. As the résumés of highly qualified applicants are rejected by the initial automated screening, job seekers suddenly find themselves having to learn résumé submission optimization to please the algorithms and beat the bots for a meeting with the Wizard.

    Many enterprise businesses use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools to screen résumés when recruiting and hiring new employees.   MORE

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Are You Credible?
Your job search won’t get off square one without credibility

Whether you’re in an interview or telling someone about yourself at a networking event, it’s no big secret that honesty is the best policy. The past is littered with individuals who have been less than honest about their pasts through enhanced resumes, padded academic achievements, etc. Such episodes never end well.

    Let’s be real. Do you actually believe that falsified facts won’t eventually be found out? You will be found out.

    How does one present a credible face? They say that the best advertising is word of mouth. In the past that’s why there were “references.”

    Fortunately, today we have tools such as LinkedIn to provide us with “references” except on LinkedIn they’re called “endorsements” and “recommendations.” This is what other people have to say about you. And they’re there for the world to see – whenever someone is willing to look.

    To receive LinkedIn endorsements, you can select the terms, or skills for which you can be endorsed. Then people who are connected to you, people who know you, can click on those terms and “endorse” you for those respective terms.

    The real heavyweight however is the recommendation. Typically these are people who know you well – usually because they’ve worked with you. Here they can express, in their own words, their opinions of you and what you are like as an employee. That’s word-of-mouth advertising that money can’t buy.

    Not only do recommendations and endorsements put you in a favorable light, they provide credibility. And credibility is gold to a job seeker. It makes selling yourself all that much easier if you have someone else doing the pitching for you.

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