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6 Tips To Be The Ideal Worker
Employers Want To Hire

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When you walk into a job interview, the hiring manager may already have a preconceived idea about how you are as a worker based on your age. How can that be? Employers often stereotype people. Baby Boomers are typically viewed as less driven, no longer having as much innovation, energy, or enthusiasm and possessing weaker computer skills… Laid-off workers may be viewed as somewhat tainted and of less value because they are not employed. To set yourself apart from any stereotyped group, learn to project what all employers desire: the “ideal worker persona.”

Starting a Business After 50:
How to Manage the Financial Risk
Questions to ask and five sources of funding

by Jessica Thiefels at

Transitioning from your nine-to-five career to becoming a business owner after 50 may sound enticing, with the freedom to set your own hours and profit from your passions. But midlife entrepreneurship comes with financial risks, too. Here’s how to manage them and set yourself up for success.

    Since you’ll need to continue saving for retirement or live on your current fixed income in retirement, it’s crucial to establish a budget for how much you can, and will, invest in your business. Ask yourself these questions.

How Running my Own Business
Changed my Life for the Better


It’s easy to feel burnout when you’re a small business owner—but Shell Martinez knows just what to do when that happens. Martinez has learned plenty of other tricks since giving up her career as a realtor and going out on her own to run Shell’s Loft, a boutique event space and production studio in Brooklyn…

    “How I Turned my Side Hustle into a Career.”   MORE

Shell Martinez

Why You Shouldn't Lie About Resume Gaps


Whether you’ve been out of work, took off time to raise a child or have been on a sabbatical, gaps in your resume can be an interview killer. Left untouched, unexplained gaps raise red flags and the quickest way to land on the bottom of the pile is to have any questions about your resume…

    Every company is going to treat resume gaps differently.   MORE

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Can’t Touch This
Intangibles can go a long way in your job search

There are so many factors that enter into a job search that it probably would be impossible to list them all.  This is true from your perspective – the job seeker – as well as the potential employer reviewing candidates.

    Even though they may now be decades old, many 50+ job seekers place a high value on their educational accomplishments. That’s all well and good, but when you get right down to it, that degree is just a piece of paper.

    Although most hiring managers would notice if you didn’t have one, your degree is not a deal breaker – or maker. When trying to make a decision on you, the employer will scrutinize much more closely what you do – or what you’ve done. The old catch phrase “What have you done for me recently” applies here now more than ever before.

    From your perspective, the huge tangible is the salary the employer is offering. For many job seekers – of any age – salary is the major consideration. To no one’s great surprise.

    But there are other considerations, especially if the employer’s best offer is less than what you were hoping for. Especially at this point in your career, there are other components of the total compensation package that may tip the scales.

    Maybe it’s the ability to work from home. Maybe it’s an additional week of vacation. Maybe it’s a more generous healthcare package. It could even be a car or a travel allowance. All those things have to be considered and balanced against the actual dollar remuneration.

    When considering a potential employer, what you can’t see, touch or feel may be the determining factor in whether not you pursue or take a particular position.

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