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Job Hunting After 50: The New Rules

by Jennifer Merritt at

Anyone over the age of 50 who claims to be hard hit by the recession isn't wrong: According to recent data, people born between 1946 and 1964 have lost the most earning power following the recession.

    But the 50-year-old who claims that “no one wants to hire someone my age” would be wrong.

    If you're 50-plus and have experienced a job loss, or you're simply looking to switch gigs, take heart in the fact that your career isn't over. We spoke to experts, as well as a few people who've been there themselves, for advice on how older workers can better market themselves in today's job search—and get hired.   MORE

7 Careers You Can Resume
After 5 or More Years out of the Workforce

by Laura McCamy at

Some career breaks are planned, while others might happen unexpectedly. 

    Perhaps you took a few years off to raise your child, or needed to care for a sick relative. Or maybe you were taking some time off for personal development or went back to school to further your education.

    No matter why you're returning to the workforce after a long break, you might feel worried about your job prospects.   MORE

3 Sneaky Ways To Research A Company

by Ariella Coombs and Aaron Sanborn at

When you apply for a job, it's important to do your homework on the company. Otherwise, when you get an interview and your interviewer asks, "So, what is it about us that drew you to our company?" you aren't left stumped or jobless.

    Not only that, but it's important to figure out if the company is a place YOU would enjoy working for. So, before you send off that resume, check out these sneaky ways to research a company.   MORE

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Selling Points
When you need to sell yourself, keep these two things in mind

As an older job seeker, your first inclination in selling yourself is to revert back to your experience. In all likelihood you have years, if not decades of experience. And we all know that prospective employers love experience.

    But what if you’ve been out of the workforce for a considerable amount of time? The reason(s) is almost irrelevant. Employment gaps can be tough to fill.

    Or, what if you’re looking at pursuing an opportunity outside of your experience comfort zone? Maybe you’re changing careers or changing industries. Suddenly that experience may not seem so convincing.

    Does this leave you out of luck, holding the bag? No. But this is where you really need to do some in-depth soul searching and to take a critical look back at what you’ve accomplished.

    Here are two approaches that can pay huge dividends and go along way toward filling those gaps.

    First, look at problems that you have solved. These don’t have to be job or industry specific. Discovering ways to be more efficient, to cut costs and improve profitability. Efficiency and profitability are not industry-specific. If it’s not either of these two, take a look back over your jobs and you’ll probably find some problem(s) that you’ve solved along the way.

    Second, look for opportunities that you have created. Maybe it’s a new process. Maybe it’s a new product or entering into a new market. What have you initiated that yielded positive results.

    Here’s an aside: You may need some help to accomplish this. This is time when outside-in perspective is invaluable. Maybe it’s a former co-worker, or former supervisor. It could even be your spouse. It’s not unusual for others to see things in you that you may not realize.

    In the end, what are employers keeping a keen eye out for? Candidates who can solve problems and create opportunities – regarding of the job, the market, the industry.

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