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Seasoned Workers More in Demand by Employers

by Steve Taylor at

It used to be, when a person of a certain age found himself or herself unexpectedly out of work, there was one viable option – get hired as a greeter at a discount store.

    Times have changed.

    “I think the opportunities are much greater for older employees today,” said Lora Warner, employment specialist… Warner said defining an “older employee” is more about experience than age.

6 Ways To Deal With Getting Laid Off

by Sarah Daren and Kelly Kuehn at

For almost all adults, work is one of the primary features of life.

    Many people devote more than forty hours every week at the office, so it's not unusual for them to be stressed when they're laid off…

    However, being stressed when you're fired is a double-edged sword, because you need to remain relaxed when searching for your next job. Therefore, we have prepared the following tips to help you relax when you've been laid off.   MORE

Nearly Half of Workers Have Made a Dramatic Career Switch, and This Is the Average Age They Do it

by Jennifer Liu at

What job would you have if money weren’t a concern?

    For some people, that’s not a hypothetical question, but rather a jumping off point to switching careers. At least, that seems to be the case according to Indeed’s latest survey, which found 58% of workers are willing to take a pay cut in order to completely change industries.

    In fact, the No. 1 reason why people made a significant career change was because they were unhappy in their previous job sector. Higher pay and greater flexibility tied for the second-biggest reasons why workers jumped into a new field.   MORE

#1 Way "Applicant Tossing Systems"
Work Against the Overqualified

by J.T. O’donnell from

Most companies that do a decent amount of hiring on a regular basis now use technology to help them manage the process. It's called ATS, which stands for "applicant tracking system." However, they're also referred to by job seekers as, "applicant TOSSING systems." That's because they're designed to help weed out as many candidates as possible who don't exactly meet the requirements of the role. For example, I get asked all the time, "I'm like a 70-80 percent match for this job I saw online, should I apply?"

    The simple answer is, maybe.   MORE

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Reliable Reminder
Better than a string around your finger, technology to the reminder rescue

It’s crucial for job seekers to maintain contact with all sorts of job search contacts. In addition to the most obvious – following up after an actual job interview – there are others with whom you need to stay in touch.

    It can be a two-way street. Sometimes a contact will request that you reach out again in a certain period of time (e.g. the first of the month), or sometimes you ask the contact if you can get back to them in a certain period of time.

    OK. Let’s be honest. Everyone has done it at sometime or another. Sometimes you just forget to write down the follow up. Sometimes you forget the timing and reach out when it’s inappropriate. These are lapses you can’t afford during your job search.

    Technology to the rescue! Most email programs will permit you to schedule when an email is actually sent. So, when you return from an interview, the first thing you can do is to draft the follow-up email. With the email safely prepared, tell your email program when to send it. For example, send at 7:00 a.m. on the first of the following month.

    And you’re done. You don’t need to remind yourself. The email will be automatically sent.

    But what if the situation changes and you need to revise that scheduled email? Again, most programs will allow you to edit an email while it’s in cue – or give you the opportunity to unschedule it; make your edits; and re-submit.

    Another option is to simply send an email to yourself on the appointed day reminding you to send that follow-up email.

    A simple, yet effective way to stay on top your contacts, thanks to digital technology.

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More job search assistance can be found in the Nifty50s library.

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