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Over-55 and Working, or Looking for Work

by John Timpane at

The working world is changing rapidly – and one of the biggest changes is the spectacular growth in the number of over-55 workers and job-seekers.

    More of them are working than ever before, and more are looking for work. Some can’t retire; others don’t want to. And – despite stories out there about age discrimination – there’s demand for older workers among the region’s 100 fastest growing, privately-held companies, an annual list created by the Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia and The Inquirer. So it’s a good time to polish that resume and start looking.   MORE

How Your Online Language Gives Away Your Age
When it comes to online communication,
different generations use language quite differently

by Arika Okrent at

Language is always changing, and the words we use can give away our age. We tend to notice new words that the young’uns are using more than we notice when old words have gone out of style. Your grandparents didn’t notice how old-fashioned icebox or dungarees sounded.

    These days, you may not notice that when you text LOL to a teenager, you may as well be saying “icebox.”   MORE

How to Find (and Land!)
a Remote Job That’s Right for You

by Deanna Debara at

Remote work is on the rise; according to Inavero’s 2019 Future Workforce report, 73% of all departments will have remote workers by 2028… Research shows that people who are allowed to work remotely are less stressed, more productive, and perform better than people who are required to work in an office.

    That said, it’s still not always easy to find remote jobs, let alone get hired for them.   MORE

How To Handle An Employment Gap
On Your Résumé And Interview

by Robin Ryan at

I started working with a new Baby Boomer client who needed help creating a résumé and also wanted interview coaching because she had a significant gap in her employment history. Monica, 62, went on to say that her dad had gotten ill and needed her help in a different state. She said, “I took family leave while my dad spent five weeks in the hospital recovering. He then needed to go to rehab… My boss wouldn’t give me any more leave, so I was forced to quit my job…  I don’t know how to handle this long work gap on the resume.”

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Get to the Point
Job search meetings are intended to talk job search

You’ve been out of work for a while. Maybe your job search isn’t going as well as you would like. Maybe you’re just getting incredibly frustrated.

    The good news is that you scheduled a meeting with someone who may be able to help. Could be a former co-worker, or vendor, or maybe it’s someone you only recently met at a networking event or jobs group. Whoever it is, it’s a good bet that they are taking time out of a busy day to meet with you. As such the one thing you don’t want to do is to waste their time.

    First and foremost, you should have a pretty good idea of the questions you want to ask, the points you want to make and your objectives that you want to leave the meeting with.

    Even more than that, one thing that you don’t want to do is to start sharing your tale of woe. If you believe nothing else in this article, believe this: no one wants to take time out of a busy day to sit and listen to you whine about how difficult it is to look for a job a your age, about how many resumes you’ve submitted, and about any experiences that you’ve had with age discrimination.

    Quit your whining. Nobody wants to hear about it.

    If you need to download your griping, do it at home. Do it with your spouse. (But not your kids.) Do it with an old friend. Those are the people who will provide – granted, a much needed – sympathetic ear.

    Job search contacts don’t have the time or the inclination to sit and listen to you cry in your beer. These are professional meetings. Keep them that way. You’re there to talk business, not to share your sob story.

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