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How GM Pits Younger Workers Against Older Workers

by Mike Elk at

As the GM strike enters its third week, 40-year-old African American Jerry Bradley throws a small red football around with his 6-year-old son as Buffalo Bills broadcasts blare from IPhones on the picket line… Times have been tough for Bradley, who was converted just this year from temporary employment to permanent and makes only $17 an hour.   MORE

How Facebook Fostered Digital Age Discrimination

from WNYC Studios

Last year, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released a study showing that reports of age discrimination at work are on the rise. Older workers have to contend with increased automation and the perception that they are not tech-literate, especially if a company culture skews younger. But they have also had to contend with the fact that online job ads, like every other kind of ad, are now being targeted to certain kinds of people. 

    The EEOC recently ruled that certain companies using targeted job ads on Facebook violated civil rights law by restricting ads based on age.   MORE

How to Address Being Overqualified for a Job You Want

by Josh Ocampo at

Last week, we discussed how to deal with tricky job interviews and the right way to answer “why exactly do you want to work here?” (Spoiler: it’s a lot easier than you think.) In our comments section, one reader mentioned another potential scenario you might run into during the job hunt: How do you explain wanting a job you’re overqualified for?   MORE

Looking For A Flexible Job?
Five Ways To Ace The Job Interview

by Caroline Ceniza-Levine at

October is National Work and Family Month. October 15 is National Flex Day, which started in 2013 by flexible jobs career site FlexJobs to call attention to the need for flexible work. If you’re interested in working flexibly… recognize that looking for a flexible job is different than a traditional 9-to-5.  MORE

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If You Could Only Do One Thing…
Hard to believe, but you can boil job search success down to one thing

Amid all the advice and tips out there designed to help you find your next position, there is a plethora of useful information.  Yes, of course, there are a few clunkers, but those are relatively few and generally they are easily identifiable.

    So how do you condense it, sort it and prioritize it, so that you only can adopt those measures that will help you most?  In some respects, that’s what we do.

    So if we could only give you only one piece of advice, one admonition that you could carry with you, what would it be?

    Sometimes the beauty of challenges such as these lies in their simplicity.

    Our one overriding piece of advice?  In everything you do in your job search – from cover letters, to resumes, to interviews, to background research, to networking, to follow up, etc. – keep this one thought foremost in your mind:   Don’t give them a reason to disqualify you.

    When you stop and think about it, that’s what recruiters, interviewers, are trying to do.  They’re looking for a reason to eliminate you and move on to the next one.

    A typo in your cover letter?  Done.  Unexplained gaps in your resume?  Outtahere.  Late for the interview?  You’re toast.  Not knowing what the company does?  You’re history.   Forgetting the name of the person with whom you’re interviewing?  There’s the door.

    It sounds so simple.  It seems so obvious.  Yet how many people you know have been tripped up by these exact things?  Moreover, how much time and effort does it take to eliminate these kinds of missteps?  Fortunately, not much.

    As you traverse through your job-search journey, keep that one concept in your mind.  Is there anything here that will cause them to say, “Nope.  Not this one.  Next!”

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