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Needing to Hire? Think Wrinkles
There's a wealth of experience out there just waiting for a chance

by H. Dennis Beaver at

Today’s article will be of special interest to two groups of folks: employers who need competent, experienced and responsible employees; and competent, experienced, responsible people with wrinkles who want to work in our country’s economy, which needs their skills but is haunted by bias and prejudice against the older worker.

Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile


For both job seekers and job fillers, LinkedIn has become an essential tool. On one single page, an employee can share everything they have to offer, and an employer can get a quick snapshot of their potential. But it’s not good enough simply to have a LinkedIn profile. Whether you’re actively looking for a new position or enjoying your current one, keeping your page up-to-date and complete deserves as much effort as the rest of your social media presence – perhaps even more.

The 21 Deadliest Jobs in America for Baby Boomers

by Madison Hoff at

The American workforce is getting older, and a new report suggests that this could lead to more danger on the job for aging workers.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics published an in-depth analysis of older workers’ fatal injuries on the job over the years in its Monthly Labor Review at the end of January.

    The report noted that Americans who are at least 55 years old are making up an increasing share of the labor force in recent years. As the number of American employees who are 55 and older has more than doubled since 1992…

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What recruiting trends do you expect to see taking off in 2020? How can recruiters and employers start preparing for these changes now?…

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This is a Test
Time to take advantage of being self-quarantined

What’s a job seeker to do? You’re locked down in your home through no fault of your own. You can’t have in-person job interviews or informational interviews. You can’t meet someone for a cup of coffee. There aren’t any networking events.

    And yet they say that “people hire people.” How can you get hired if you can’t establish face time with any people?

    Time to put your brain power to work to lock in on those things that you can do and those things that need tweaking or testing.

    Many job seekers rave about the benefits of conducting “mock interviews” where you meet with a colleague who interviews you for a fictitious job and provides honest feedback. Guess what. You can still do that.

    In recent weeks there has been an explosion of people who have signed up for Zoom videoconferencing software. (Don’t despair. There is a viable free version and no, we don’t receive any royalties from Zoom.) There is no reason why you can’t do a mock interview online.

    Which, by the way – if you’ve never had one, is an excellent exercise for you to experience a video interview. If you’re going to be out of work for any extended period of time (even a month), there is a good chance that you may have to endure a video interview anyway. Best to try a dry run.

    An aside:   if you don’t have a job-search buddy, this would be an optimal time to get one. Again, this is something you can do without ever having a face-to-face.

    In addition to the mock interview, you can share your values, your skills and your strengths with your job search buddy to see if your buddy shares those lofty opinions that you have of yourself. You never know, your buddies may point out advantages that even you didn’t think you had – or, may have overlooked.

    And again, these are all activities that can pay you benefits that you can still do from the comfort of your own home. 

    And think of the travel time and gasoline that you’ll save.

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