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Career Planning In Your 50s

by Joseph C. Conroy at

You're at the top of your game, and things are going great… until. Your years of experience and the higher salary that likely comes with them could put a target on your back. So be ready.

    It might seem that as life expectancies are getting longer, careers seem to be getting shorter. If you are fortunate enough to move up the corporate ladder, there are more obstacles and people competing for your position.   MORE

Staying Calm While Aging Gracefully

by Monica Alexa at

Anxious feelings are normal, but unchecked anxiety has a negative impact on the human body. Some people don’t have the “tools” to keep it in check. And, sometimes, people simply forget what they already know.

    Thankfully, wisdom from life experiences is a gift and that gift is granted to anyone who chooses to use it.

    The focus on technological advances in recent years has left many older citizens feeling ignorant as they struggle, and often fail, to keep up with rapid changes. It’s time for older adults to be the smart ones!

Job Search Clubs Go from In-Person to Meeting Online


As a career strategist at MassHire Lowell Career Center, I lead a job club for our clients. Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, we met in-person in a large room. There would be anywhere between 10 and 20 people at the meetings…

    Now, all of the in-person meetings have been thrown out the window. We’re confined to our homes, only allowed to venture out for groceries, gas (who needs it, though?) and takeout food. Life has changed rapidly.

Our next edition…
The Secret to Landing a Remote Job
— and Who Is Hiring Right Now

by Barbara Booth at

The belt-tightening in response to the coronavirus outbreak is leading businesses to cut hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees. Last week several states reported that so many people were trying to file unemployment claims at the same time, their websites had crashed…

    For many who are out of a job, remote work is a tempting solution, not only during social distancing but as a full-time long-term job.

Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

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Keep Going
Just because some business activity has stopped, it doesn’t mean that you have to

The other day we ran an item from that talked about keeping your job search going when hiring slows down. For the record, the author cited five points essential to maintaining your job search. They were:

  1. Be even more vigilant of your status in existing searches.

  2. Consider flexible arrangements to make it easier for prospective employers to say, “Yes.”

  3. Prioritize efforts to get more leads into your pipeline.

  4. Revisit old bosses and colleagues who already know, like and trust you.

  5. Differentiate yourself with a positive attitude.

    These five tips are not only excellent advice during normal times, but they are especially important during the current virus shut down.

    Why? If you read through them once again with social distancing in mind, what do you notice? All five activities can be pursued without ever having to have direct contact with another human being. Virus or no virus, you can keep your job search in high gear just by following those five simple steps.

    There. You have your marching orders, get to it.


In response to the social distancing imposed by the Coronavirus, many organizations are taking to having their meetings online via various videoconferencing tools. The same holds true for job interviews.

    One of the best pieces of advice for someone – virus or no virus – who is facing a video interview is to double check their surroundings to eliminate any background item that might appear detrimental. True enough. But now there are videoconferencing softwares that, on demand, will “blur” your backgrounds.

    Ask your interviewer, in advance, which software they use for their videoconferencing and investigate if the blurring option exists.

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