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In spite of the extensive lifestyle disruptions spurred by the Coronavirus pandemic, your job search still must go on. To help you through this difficult period, we’ve dedicated our regular “More Help” section to focus on what the experts are saying about job seeking in the age of COVID-19. As new information becomes available, we do our best to share it with you.

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Age Discrimination:
Older Applicants vs. “Young Pretty People”

by Jon Shields at

“The client specifically asked for ‘young pretty people,’” Tejal Wagadia, a technical recruiter based in Phoenix, Arizona, told Jobscan. “They said, ‘I don’t care how many years of experience they have, I need young pretty people.’“

    “I’ve talked to VPs of HR who have told me, straight out, that the executive needs candidates that are younger,” veteran Silicon Valley recruiter Linda Tuerk told Jobscan. “I actually saw a person, a VP of HR, print out photos from LinkedIn of young white men and hold them up in a conference room and said, ‘We want this.’”

    These are blatant examples of age discrimination, or ageism, in hiring. Not only is it unfair and immoral, it is illegal.

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Craft a Career That Reflects Your Character

by Isaac H. Smith and Maryam Kouchaki from Harvard Business Review

How often do you view your job as an avenue for becoming your best moral self? We propose that through job crafting — by actively reimagining, redefining, and redesigning your own job — your workplace can become a moral laboratory for character development. This is particularly important considering the thousands of hours you will likely spend at work, and it all begins by reframing your approach to work as an opportunity to become a better person, in all aspects of your life.

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Be it Ever
So Humble
If your job search is a job; you’re working from home

It looks like much of the rest of the country soon will learn something that job seekers know from the start – what it’s like to work from home. In case you’ve forgotten, here are some guidelines.

    Create a dedicated work area. If you have a home office, use a spare bedroom, den, or even the dining room table. Wherever it happens to be, that’s your dedicated office solely the place where you work. Be certain that you set ground rules for family members and see that they are enforced.

    It’s always beneficial to maintain a regular home schedule. This includes morning and evening routines as well as regular breaks during the day.

    As important as your home office may be, even in these questionable times, it’s good to get out from time to time. Even if it’s just to run a minor errand, a brief change of scene will do you good.

    Take advantage of your time to learn a new skill or to update an old one. Complete online courses are available through libraries as well as video tutorials on YouTube.

    Another way to take advantage of your circumstances is to build into your schedule some time to allow yourself the luxury of doing a few things that you enjoy. For example, we know of a woman who during her job search set aside time to bake bread a couple of times a week. It was something she enjoyed doing and that her family appreciated.

    Although looking for a job is a job, working your job from home can be successful and rewarding. And you never know, your next job may afford you the opportunity to do at least a portion of your job from home.

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