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How to Find a Job Using Social Media

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Beat Your Winter Job Search Blues:
Tips to Stay Motivated

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Expert Says
Employers Must Adapt To Older Workforce


Breaking Through

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We are in the middle of winter, a time that many find difficult. It’s hard to stay motivated, upbeat and positive after the holiday madness and the skies are grey and drab. It can especially hard if you are job search waiting for companies to come out of their slow down and getting back in the groove and in hiring mode. We’ve identified a few ways you can beat those job search winter blahs and keep the New Year freshness and hope alive. Focus on your mood, light and your goals.

  • Mood Boosters

  • Keep It Light

  • Review Your Goals

Your social networks aren’t just there for arguing politics with your uncle or looking at your neighbor’s lunch—they’re also good for the serious business of finding your next place of employment. Here’s how to perfect your searching on each of the major networks to maximize your chances of landing your dream job, or something close to it.

    Trying to find jobs on social media isn’t difficult, especially on LinkedIn, which is partly built around the idea. But cutting through the noise and finding the opportunities that are right for you, or the positions that are really going to interest you, can be a challenge.

America’s workforce is growing older. Tom Dixon of Eastman & Smith says while that may be true, it’s important to drop preconceived notions about older workers in your place of business.

    Dixon says when employers play into those stereotypes they can leave themselves open to age discrimination lawsuits.

    (He) says businesses have to adapt to seniors in the office.

    (He) says sometimes businesses make the mistake of stereotyping what older workers can and can’t do.

What skills and knowledge do employers and applicants need to make a job match? How can you find the decision-makers amid the job-screening, impersonal software and contract recruiters? What kind of employment barriers do you have? How will you make the first cut?

    You need a new mindset! In the current job market, you need to consider yourself self-employed. There are no long-term social contracts for employment, if they ever existed. You bring skills, experience, and work habits to the employer. The employer has a problem to solve. As long as there is a balance between your needs and the needs of the employer, you will have stable employment.

    You have a responsibility to yourself to continue to build skills and determine what additional skills are in demand with your employer and the job market. You are on a continual learning curve for the rest of your working career if you are to thrive…

    Is your head spinning yet? Is there a rational approach to finding employment? Yes, but it is a project with many elements to address. The best qualified do not always get the job. Finding a job is an accident; a perfect storm, so to speak. What you need is to produce quality accidents by marketing yourself carefully, being creative, going where others do not, working your networks, organizing your time, being persistent and out-hustling other applicants. 

Excerpted from:

Land the Perfect Job In an Imperfect Market:

Strategies to help break through the job search clutter

by Joe Ortenzi

Recruiting in a Multi-Generational Labor Pool Requires a Wide Net

by Riia O'Donnell at

Today’s workforce is as multigenerational as any has ever been. There are now five generations represented, bringing a wide variety of skills and perspectives.

    And the numbers are impressive; according to the Society for Human Resource Management, here’s how today’s workforce breaks down:

"It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required."

    –  Winston Churchill
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More job search assistance can be found in the Nifty50s library.