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It’s January and Time to Start Networking Again

by Mark S. Fogel at

Naisbitt on Networking

by Phil Stella at Effective Training & Communication

How Age-Smart Employers See the Value of Older Workers
These award winners get the benefits of an age-diverse workforce

by Richard Eisenberg at

How Are You
Spending Your Day?

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As the self-proclaimed “Godfather of Networking,” I”ve often quoted John Naisbitt, author of “MegaTrends” in my articles and presentations. He initially coined the phrase over 35 years ago and his definition still works today in the age of high tech and social media. Funny thing – everything old is new again. So, let’s all learn something old from the master.

  •     “Networking is a verb, not a noun.”

  •     “Networking is simply a vehicle for connecting people with one another.”

  •     “Networking is a powerful tool for social actions – we exchange resources, contacts and information.”

  •     “One of networking’s greatest attractions is that it’s easy to get into.”

  •     “Networking empowers the individual and people in networks tend to nurture one another.”

  •     “The important part is not the network… but the process of getting there, the communication that creates the linkages between people.”


So, the next time you go “networking’” remember that you should be exchanging resources, contacts and information to nurture other people and create linkages.

The holiday season has come to an end.  You might be all partied out, but your calendar says otherwise. It’s time to start networking again.

    You can do this online on sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, or in person at an industry event… 

    Sometimes I attend HR events, including local chapter offerings.  I also make it a point at least once a month to get out of my comfort zone at business events to meet new people and expand my knowledge.

Employers tend to get a bad rap —  often deservedly — for their attitudes about hiring, retaining and nurturing workers over 50. Frequently, older workers and older job applicants are perceived as lethargic, expensive and behind the times. So let me tell you about 13 employers who see things very differently: the winners and finalists of the 2017 Age Smart Employer Awards.

    The Age Smart Employer Award program, now in its third year, is a project of Columbia University’s Columbia Aging Center at the Mailman School of Public Health. 

Enduring a job search a travail. Perhaps the most difficult thing you’ll ever do in your life. But it’s also not a time to despair. If you’re persistent, you WILL find a job.

    No doubt that you’ve heard the phrase looking for a job is a job. We can’t argue with that. So, maybe you should approach your job search as you would a job.

    Let’s start with a daily routine. Unlike many jobs, you won’t be doing the same thing all day, every day. But a daily routine will help keep you focused.

    Start by getting up at the same time everyday. If you were getting up each day at 6:00 a.m., keep at it. If you’re wake time was 7:00 a.m., set your alarm. Note: if you were working a non-traditional shift (i.e. overnight), you’re going to have to make some adjustments.

    Get cleaned up and have breakfast – just as if you were going to work. And, many experts advise job seekers to get dressed. Just because you have no appointments, doesn’t mean that you can stay in your pajamas or spend the day in sweats. A coat and tie are not necessary, but wear something that, if for whatever reason you needed to go out, you could do so without changing. There are actual scientific studies that indicate that this helps.

    As with breakfast, make lunch a regular, scheduled part of your day. The same holds true for breaks. You had breaks on your job, didn’t you? The same philosophy applies. Take 15 minutes, walk around the house. Get another cup of coffee. Take the dog out. Clear your head.

    There probably will be occasions when you encounter what some people call “writer’s block” – where your brain just shuts down and you can’t seem to think. It happens. When it does, sometimes it helps to leave the house. Go for a walk. Have some Joe at the local coffee house. Go to the library. Run that errand your spouse has been harping about.

    This, too, will clear your head. 

    Try to end at the same time each day. We recognize that there will be exceptions – just as there would be at many jobs. There may be valuable networking events that are held after work, beginning at 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. Many job search groups meet in the evenings. You probably need to attend some of these. Build that into your schedule.

    Whatever your routine ends up looking like, whatever you do, don’t develop any bad habits. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that you’ll start your job search after you watch The Price Is Right, or finish just one more load of laundry. These are distractions that will just suck the time right out of your day.

    Remember, you have a job – it’s called looking for a job.

Afraid Your New Boss Will Overwork You?
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While it's very important to prepare for an interview so you can sound confident and clear in your answers, one part of interview preparation that's often overlooked is what questions the job seeker should ask the hiring manager. 

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More job search assistance can be found in the Nifty50s library.