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6 Essential Qualities
Employees Over 50 Bring to Today’s Workplace

by Penelope Brackett at

In the world and in the workforce, the times they are a-changin.’ Fast. And nobody knows this better than jobseekers 50 and older. Whether they’re looking to make a career or job change, have been laid off after years at the same company, or are re-entering the workforce after a period of time off to raise children, older workers should not be dismissed. In fact, they should not only be valued but sought after by employers. Age bias is a real phenomenon, but smart employers know that, when it comes to qualified candidates, age often is really just a number.

    Today’s “older” workers are much different than the older workers of the 1980s.   MORE

Are You Going Through a Mid-Career Crisis?

by Sylvia Giltner at

Mid-life and mid-career crises seem to go hand in hand. Many people will eventually arrive at the moment when they’ll have to process a considerable amount of decisions they’ve made throughout their lives.

    Research suggests that there is a strong interdependency between personal and work lives. When a mid-career crisis occurs, it certainly impacts your personal life and resolving that career crisis will often cure what otherwise ails you.   MORE

5 Reasons You’re Still Unemployed

by Jenna Arcand at

"Why am I still unemployed?"

    …The reality is, the reason is different for everyone. The good news? Whatever is holding you back from getting hired, you can overcome.

    Here are five reasons you're still looking for a job.

Alexa (And Other Digital Assistants)
Are Entering the Job Search Market

by Kyle Schnitzer at

Finding your next job could become as easy as asking digital assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for help, but its first stop is going to be for a Big Mac.

    McDonald’s announced last month that workers looking for a job at the fast-food giant can simply apply through either voice application as part of the company’s global hiring campaign. McDonald’s “Apply Thru” skill is touted as the world’s first voice-initiated application process, according to the company.   MORE

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Aretha Franklin had it right. Respect carries the day.

The people who don’t remember and are intimately aware of the great Aretha Franklin hit song “Respect” are few and far between. Should it come as any surprise that respect can be an integral part of your job search? Probably not.

    We heard a recruiter recently go on about how important it is to be “incredibly respectful” of your network during your job search. The unspoken part of that advice is “don’t be a pest.” That concept is remindful of the familiar and ever-so-annoying chant that parents often hear from the backseat, “Are we there yet?”

    People in your network – whether it’s hiring managers or networking contacts – can be just as annoyed as those beleaguered parents. Surveys have shown that among the top things that hiring managers and recruiters hate are the “stalker” candidates. Those candidates who “bug” them everyday for updates.

    But where do you draw the line between being aggressive and being a pest? Some hiring managers want candidates to check back in regularly, others adopt the philosophy of “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” When I have some news, I’ll let you know.

    How can you tell the difference? For the answer, let’s go back to the expert, Aretha Franklin. Late in the iconic song, she offers some telling advice “R-e-s-p-e-c-t, find out what it means to me.” 

    Since people can be so different and so much can be riding on your approach, the simplest approach is… just ask. “When should I follow up?” “How would you prefer that I stay in touch with you?” (i.e. phone, email, etc.) If they vacillate at all, make a suggestion. “If I don’t hear from you, can I call you near the end of the month?” And stick to that plan.

    It might be a good idea to use your computer to generate a task or to send yourself a notification when it’s time to follow through. Many programs offer that feature. Or, simply send yourself an email as a reminder.

    Do that and you’ll be true to your word and you won’t alienate someone who could be your future employer.

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More job search assistance can be found in the Nifty50s library.

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