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Rediscover Your Purpose In 15 Days:
What You Need To Know

by Vicky Valet at

Purpose isn’t just another buzzword. For workers of all ages, purpose is the new paycheck, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. At a time when Americans spend a big part of their adult lives logging hours at jobs with which just 34% say they’re engaged—a statistic that is all the more disconcerting since this is the highest level of worker engagement reported since Gallup began tracking this in 2000—the need to find fulfillment is an imperative, for employees and employers alike.

    Whether your work experience spans three years or three decades…

Best Ways Older Workers Can Prepare for a Recession
How to help avoid becoming part of the long-term unemployed

by Chris Farrell at

If you’re over 50, employed and getting a little jittery about the safety of your job due to the cooling economy, that’s understandable. Although the unemployment rate is still just 3.7% — near its 50-year low — monthly job growth has slowed to 158,000, compared to 223,000 a month a year ago. And the 130,000 jobs created in August failed to meet economists’ expectations.

Recruiting Workers: How Prevalent Is Ageism?

by Jackie Crosby at

Within five years, a quarter of the U.S. workforce will be 55 or older, and many people hope and expect to keep working into their late 60s and beyond.

    But age discrimination is a growing concern among workers and job seekers.   MORE

5 Templates That'll Make Writing
the Perfect LinkedIn Summary a Total Breeze

by Aja Frost at

How many times have you started reading someone’s LinkedIn summary and found yourself totally bored two sentences in? The whole thing is only a paragraph, but you’re already scrolling down to the Experience section—or even clicking away from the page.

    Having a great summary is essential. After all, it’s one of the most important areas of your entire LinkedIn profile: It sums up your professional history, qualifications, and personality. Plus, it can (and should) give viewers a clear idea of what they should do next—whether that’s accepting your connection request, recruiting you for a job opening, or reaching out for networking purposes.   MORE

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O Solo Mio
At the end of the day job seeking is still an individual pursuit

There is a lot of truth in the admonition that says you should involve as many people as you can in your job search. The good news is that, at age 50+, you’ve been around long enough to get to know bunches of people.

    You need people at every step along the way: former co-workers, vendors, colleagues, recruiters, relatives, friends and spouses – especially don’t forget to involve your spouse. Then you have all the “new” friends that you’ve met through networking events, job groups, etc.

    The more the merrier. Because you never know who will hold the key to your next position. If not the person you know, it’s the person whom that person knows. They’re all part of your web.

    While all that is true, at the end of the day, when you get right down to it, searching for a job – at any age, at any stage of life – is still an individual activity.

    Only you know which people will be most helpful. Only you will know your “stories” and anecdotes that will help you to win the day in a job interview. Only you will know which job-search activities work for you. Only you will know which job opportunities are best suited for your particular set of skills and which are most appealing to you. Only you will know which combination of salary and benefits will be acceptable. Only you will know when to say “yes” to a job offer, and when to pass. Only you.

    And don’t con yourself into thinking that the government, or some government program is going to find you a job. The best that they can hope to do is help. Just like everyone else.

    It’s your job search. It’s your career. It’s your life. It’s your future.

    All those people will help – some more than others. But all that they can do is help. Ultimately it’s all up to you.

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