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Haven’t Looked For A Job In Years?
Here’s What Has Changed And How To Succeed

by Robin Ryan at

Terry, 56, was a manager at a large company who was tempted by the idea of finding a new job. She had worked at the same company for nearly twenty years. Terry was frustrated. Her career had been stalled in her latest position for the last seven years. There wasn’t any opportunity inside her company for her to move up. What got her thinking was a talk with a co-worker, who was also a Baby Boomer manager and who had just left the company. He told Terry that his new job was paying him $17,000 more than he previously made. That dangled carrot motivated Terry to call and inquire about my career counseling services. She started out saying, “it’s been so long since I’ve job hunted. I know things have changed a great deal.”

10 Certificate Programs That Pay Well
These programs are cheaper and less time-consuming than college,
and provide valuable career skills

by Geoff Williams at

If college isn't practical or an option for you, that doesn't mean you can't find a well-paying career or that you shouldn't try to further your education. You may want to consider completing a certificate program.

    These programs, often offered by colleges, offer training in specific fields. You can take certificate programs as a college graduate, but there are many designed for people who have a high school diploma or GED and want additional training…   MORE

Three Reasons to Consider Return-to-Work Parents


In January 2020, Tiger Recruitment hosted a roundtable discussion with an intimate group of HR professionals to discuss the reintegration of parents into the workplace. Further to that discussion, we produced a report that highlights best practices, stigmas and the future of return-to-work (RTW) policies. It also details why attracting RTW parents should be an immediate priority for businesses.

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10 Reasons Why Being 50+ is Your Superpower

by Ingrid L. Williams at

Congratulations! You made it through the minefield that is youth and early adulthood. Intermingled with all the good times, delightful discoveries, achievements and joys, there were also false starts, dead ends, frenemies and unwelcome life lessons galore. Guess what? Now it’s time to move on to the next station on this journey through life. The great thing about this phase is that you are far from unprepared. In fact, you finally have advantages you may not even be aware of. Embrace them! And use them to make the second part of your life far better than the first one.

More help for the 50+ job seeker:

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Time to be
a Loner
The last thing an older job seeker needs is to be one of the pack

There is an unmistakable advantage in knowing that, as a mature job seeker, you’re not alone. At last count there were nearly 1.4 million Americans over the age of 50 who were out of work. (The good news is that the unemployment rate for our age group is about 2.6 percent – or almost one full point below the overall jobless rate.)

    Despite being one among many, during your job search you absolutely need to separate yourself from the pack of candidates. How else will a potential employer get to know you, get to remember you, and distinguish you from the other applicants?

    How do you ensure that that happens?

    How does one get to be remembered; to stand out in a crowd? The ultimate answer is through your personal branding which is, of course, the grand total of what you have to offer the potential employer.

    Consistent with the concept of branding (in an advertising or marketing sense), personal branding delivers a consistent message about who you are and what you have to offer. It’s the sum total of your skills, your abilities and your accomplishments as well as your attitude, your work ethic, your determination, Mix all of those together; stir smoothly; and, Voila! it’s your personal brand.

    While there is comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in your job search, that there are many others of your age who are experiencing the precise same circumstances and challenges, you cannot fail to recognize, develop and display your own personal brand. Keep in mind that your next employer will hire you – the sum of what you are and what you bring to the table. In other words, your personal brand.

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