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Make the Most of Your Broad Network to Look for Work


More U.S. workers ages 55 and over are employed than ever before. That’s a great advantage. However, the average time required to land a job is longer for job seekers over 50. You can take steps to shorten the time you are unemployed. Use multiple strategies for the best result.

    Tips to shorten your job search.

New Research Shows Ageism Starts as Early as Age 42
Here’s How Employers Can Combat Age Discrimination

by Georgene Huang at

The United States labor market is facing historically low unemployment rates and filling open jobs has become increasingly difficult. The competition for top talent is fierce, so attracting and retaining employees is more important than ever. But even with reports of the rise of college-educated women and minorities entering the workforce, there is still a segment that remains overlooked. 

    According to AARP, the fastest growing segment of the American workforce is employees aged 65 and older.   MORE

40 Could Be the New 60 as Far as Job Hunting

by Stephanie A. Faughnan at

Studies suggest that increased life expectancy have many feeling like 60 is the new 40. While that may appear valid in some regards, job hunters may not exactly agree. Some even wonder if just the opposite is true…

    Just because someone lives in an age-restricted community doesn’t mean they’re ready to throw in the towel when it comes to working.   MORE

How to Recommend Someone on LinkedIn
(and How to Ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation)

by Paige Doepke at

A LinkedIn recommendation is often written by a coworker, client or former boss. It serves as a testimonial for a person’s character and professional strengths.

    When you recommend someone on LinkedIn, it shows your respect for them while also opening up the door to receive a recommendation in return.   MORE

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It’s Story Time
Your stories, your personal accounts – that’s what separates you from the pack

You’ve probably heard people compare a job search to the sales process — where you’re selling yourself.  There’s a lot of truth to that.

    Breaking it down, your preparation is the marketing component of the process with the actual job interview taking on the role of the sales pitch.  When you succeed at the sales pitch, make the sale – you land the job!  True also.

    Looking at it a bit more closely, think of it this way: You’re marketing yourself with your resume and cover letters as well as your individual efforts to land an interview.  Your efforts typically will include sending out your resume, networking at a variety of levels, responding to the online jobs boards, etc.

    But to sell yourself – your product, namely you – you must excel in the interview.  To make your interview successful requires several things that you must master.  Keep in mind, a successful sales pitch involves selling the benefits of the product.  How will this product make the customer’s day better?

    Before walking into that interview, you need to know how to present/sell yourself.  What is your value proposition to the organization?  For the 50+ job seeker, your strongest suite is probably your experience.  Is that the value you bring to the organization?  Or, is it something else?

    What is your story?  What compelling aspects of your professional life will make you “the right fit” for this particular position?  Do you have it all worked out and rehearsed ahead of time?  Thinking that you can “wing it” or “fake it” probably is not the most prudent approach.

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