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Marketing Yourself as an Older Job Seeker

by Mike Taylor at

There are many reasons a retired senior might consider a return to the workforce. Divorce, unexpected financial setbacks, sometimes plain old boredom; these and a million other whys and wherefores can land a recent retiree back on the job market.

    That can be an unfamiliar place to someone who’s been “off the market” for several years. Are there tricks to landing a new job if you’re in the over-60 bracket? How can you compete with younger workers with perhaps less experience, but with a willingness to start at a lower wage? Are there ways to turn age into an asset in the eyes of a potential employer?

How To Apply For A Job You're Not 100% Qualified For

by Jenna Arcand at

One of the biggest job search struggles is figuring out which jobs you should apply for. You have to look at the job description, the skill requirements, and the overall qualifications for the job, and then determine whether it's a viable employment opportunity for you or not.

    It's often more difficult discerning which jobs you're qualified for (which you really have a shot at) than you think. So, how do you know if you're actually qualified for a job or not? Should you apply for jobs you're not 100% qualified for?

    The short answer: Yes, you absolutely should.

4 Powerful Tips for Finding a Job after 60

by Sixty and Me

Let’s be honest. Finding a job after 50 (let alone 60!) is tough. Not only may you have to contend with age discrimination, but, there are subtler psychological forces at play as well.

    So, in this morning’s video, I would like to share 4 powerful tips for finding a job at any age. I hope that they help you to find the opportunity that you deserve. You can do this!

How Can a Social Media Detox Hinder Your Job Search


…In the eyes of many employers and recruiters, those who delete their social media accounts aren’t doing themselves any favors. While there are still plenty of occupations that don’t require social media, the number that do is still growing. Additionally, it continues to play more of a role in the recruitment process, with 70 percent of employers using social media to research candidates before extending a job offer, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. Though the exception would lie with job seekers deleting profiles containing offensive or damaging content, for most, a social media detox can hinder their employment prospects. Let’s look at a few questions social media helps hiring managers answer during the candidate screening process.   MORE

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Are you running with the pack, or running to stand out

As someone who is in the middle of a job search, you are keenly aware of the status of today’s job market. Despite an unemployment rate so low as not seen in more than 40 years, there remains competition for most every open position and you’re up against it each and every day.

    Sometimes it may seem like a genuine struggle just to keep with the pack of candidates amassed around each and every job opening. It’s quite understandable that you would feel as though you are madly running with the pack.

    And you might well be.

    Unfortunately, before you can land that next job, you need to do more than simpy separate yourself from that pack. To succeed as a 50+ job seeker, you must pull away from the pack so as to stand out and be noticed. You can’t be lumped in with “everybody.”

    Everybody will have a resume. Everybody will have experience. Everybody is going to want that job just as much, if not more than you. Everybody is going to be everywhere you want and need to be.

    Everybody is going to look good on paper. If that’s the case, what are you going to do to stand out? How are you going to separate yourself from that pack?

    It’s all about: what have you done for me lately? Does your resume simply state your past employers and titles? Or, does your resume highlight your skills and your accomplishments? Everybody can have ten years of experience, but who has done the most during those ten years?

    To land that next position, you need to convince that hiring manager that you’re far superior to the other candidates. To do that, you need to know and to sell your value proposition.

    What value can you bring to that job that the other candidates cannot?

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