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Navigating A Generational Divide During Your Job Search

by Dana Manciagli at

As the graduating classes of 2019 crossed the stage, a new wave of employees was ushered into today’s multi-generational workforce. Given the perceived strife between baby boomers, Gen Xers, millennials and older Gen Zers, some might think that recent grads and their soon-to-be-colleagues are gearing up for a dicey transition as generations look to collaborate and be productive in today’s workplace.

    The good news? It might be easier than you think. According to a Ricoh survey of 1,500 office workers across the United States and Canada, this generational divide is a myth, with 76% of respondents stating they "enjoy working alongside colleagues of different ages."   MORE

Four Myths About Older Job Seekers


Why when someone mentions “aging workforce” or “baby boomers” or the “graying of America” does it seem as if everyone within earshot pictures infirm little old grandmothers and grandfathers who can barely get themselves out of bed in the morning?

    The fact is that many “older Americans,” those past the age of 50, are vital and healthy and eager to work. It’s a matter of convincing employers (and younger employees) as well as dispelling these four myths.   MORE

I Was A Stay-At-Home Mom For 22 Years.
I Don’t Need A Second Act To Feel Fulfilled.

by Judy Mollen Walters at

I recently read an article about stay-at-home mothers over the age of 50 who went back and “did something” with their lives once their children were grown. The article featured a mom who had given up her medical school training to stay home with her children, and then when she turned 50 and they were adults, realized she really wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. Another mom stayed home to raise her children and after turning 50 became a highly regarded jazz singer. I say more power to them.   MORE

Skill Assessments to Help You Showcase Your Skills

by John Jersin at

We know it’s important to have a way to effectively show the skills you spend time cultivating. In fact, according to new LinkedIn research, 69% of professionals think their skills are more important than college education when job-seeking, and more than 76% wish there was a way for hiring managers to verify their skills so they could stand out amongst other candidates.

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You’re a veteran of the workplace wars. You’ve been in the trenches, on the front line. You’ve worked hard. You’ve been diligent. You paid your dues.

    For your entire career, you played by the rules, but unfortunately two decades into the 21st Century, the rules are changing. You hoped for job security, but job security is a thing of the past. What does the future hold? Some say that the future is income security – which is independent of any specific job or industry.

    Easier said than done.

    For age 50 job seeker, the job search world has changed so much one hardly knows where to begin. We have to start somewhere, so let’s begin by looking at the biggest game changer in job search: technology.

    In today’s job search, technology is pervasive. From LinkedIn to ATS, technology can be either a blessing or a curse. Or both.

    On the plus side, you can search for jobs in the comfort of your own home – dressed in your pajamas and drinking coffee. And doing so, you can find many more jobs than you ever dreamed possible. And, with the click of a mouse, you can find out more about the hiring organization than you ever wanted to know. You can even interview for a job without ever leaving home.

    That’s pretty cool.

    Unfortunately, that same technology can be a killer.  In Wednesday’s Tip of the Day, we’ll take a closer look at some of the hurdles with which you must deal if you’re to succeed at the ATS game.

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