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Overqualified Job Seekers Are Discriminated Against: Here's How To Combat The Built-In Bias

by Jack Kelly at

The Wall Street Journal unveiled the tough challenges confronted by overqualified job seekers.  

    The article builds upon a study conducted by university professors at Carnegie Mellon, Stanford and Johns Hopkins. Their research concludes, “The managers perceive highly capable candidates to have lower commitment to the organization than less capable, but adequate candidates and, as a result, penalize high-capability candidates in the hiring process.”   MORE 

Are You Looking to Make a Career Switch?

by Michelle Van Slyke at

There was once a time when you expected to stay in the same career path (and usually the same company) for your entire career. That time is gone. Increasingly, people switch careers at least once before they retire. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that about 6.2 million workers, four percent of the total workforce, transferred from one occupational group to another. This so-called “second act” can be an exciting time to try something new.

I’m Not 54 Years Old.
I’m 22 With 32 Years Experience.

by Louis Loizou at

This is not about how we did things back in our day.

    This is about a real concern. An age concern.

    Let’s put things into perspective here. With the recent and very welcome push for sexual equality, the time is also right to address the inequality of blatant ageism in design and advertising.   MORE

When LinkedIn Doesn’t Matter In The Job Search


I was talking to my friend Susan Joyce, owner of, and she was telling me about someone in their job search. She said something profound… as she was talking about this person and how they were (or weren’t) using LinkedIn:

    “I don’t think it matters what he puts in LinkedIn. He is so well connected, he had his list of target companies,…”

    She went on to talk about how this person is really into networking.   MORE

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What is Your Assessment?
Believe it or not:  Assessments have higher degree of predictability than interviews

In today’s workplace, organizations are more and more turning to testing to sift through candidates. And for good reason. According to some recruiters, when well developed and well applied, these tests – or assessments – have an extremely high ability to predict long-term success.

    Typically these assessments will show the hiring managers who has the best chance of succeeding at this role. Let’s not forget that, at every step of the way, the organization is looking for reasons to eliminate you. And these tests can help them do just that.

    Experts observe that no candidate can prepare for the tests, or to fudge them. Most of the tests are sufficiently reliable so that the hiring manager can tell if you’re trying to “game” the system. The best advice? Just be yourself; you are what you are.

    Interestingly, what these same experts claim is that assessments have been shown to have a higher degree of success of predicting who will succeed at a given job that interviews. To be sure, tests are not perfect, no one element of the hiring process is perfect.

    The good news for the 50-plus job seeker is that most of these tests are blind relative to age, gender, race, etc.  They have to comply with EEOC concerns. Usually employers will set a minimum level of proficiency for the test and usually it’s set as pass/fail.

    If you’re asked to take such an assessment, you can dive right in knowing that the best approach is simply to be honest with your responses and to take heart in knowing that the test doesn’t care what age you are.

    Sometimes it pays to be impersonal.

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