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What Does the Job Market Look Like
for Older Americans?

by Helen Dennis at

Question:  I understand the employment rate for those in my age bracket – the 55 and older — is just 2.7 percent compared to 3.7 percent for the overall population. That sounds like good news. Does that mean I should have a good chance of finding a job at age 62? I was previously a manager in the foodservice industry. E.S.

Answer:   I wish it were that easy. Here’s a little about that statistic for the 55 and older.   MORE

5 Reasons You Should Work for as Long as You Live

by Alex Valdes by

While countless workers dream of retirement, millions more have decided to work full time or part time after age 65:

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2024, there will be more than 13 million working Americans ages 65 and older.

  • A 2017 Gallup poll found that 74% of working Americans planned to work past retirement age.

    Working longer might be your best option. Here are several reasons why.   MORE

Oh Grow Up! Acting Your Age at Work

by Amy Lindgren at

I hate to bring this up, but did you know that the American workforce is aging?

    Turns out we’re going gray at our jobs at a pretty good clip. According to more than one source, by 2020, one-fourth of the American workforce will be comprised of people older than 55 — and one third of this group will be 65 or older. In fact, workers aged 55 or older is the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. labor force.   MORE

How A Simple Spreadsheet
Can Keep Your Job Search On Track

by Ashira Prossack at

Between searching for jobs, sending in applications, doing phone screens, and going on interviews, there’s a lot to keep track of when you’re job hunting. Add that to the sheer number of positions you’ll likely be applying to, and it’s easy to lose track of things along the way.

    A spreadsheet puts all of the information you need in one place for quick and easy access. It allows you to keep track of everything you’re doing to ensure that you don’t miss anything important.

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Your Network
Although most job seekers claim to hate it,
networking is crucial

Networking is a crucial component of your job search. The only job-seeking tome you might hear more of is how important it is to prepare for an interview.

    Which one is more important? It doesn’t really matter. They’re both at, or near the top of the list of everyone in the job search business – or those individuals who are actually looking for a job.

    Many sources claim that 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking. That could be. Although not denying that claim, states that the number of jobs found via networking could be as high as 85 percent. Yikes!

    One recruiter friend recently advised job seekers that they should be spending about 30 hours per week networking. You can breathe a sign of relief. He was including a wide array of activities as networking. He said that everything counts: networking (group) meetings, phone calls (3-5 calls per day), 1-on-1 meetings, prepping for meetings, letters, emails, etc.

    The folks at take a different, more restrictive view of networking. They see it as “a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest.” That works too.

    Regardless of how you define it, when you get right down to it, networking is not rocket science. It's mostly common sense. If that’s so, why does our recruiter friend note that 64 percent of job seekers find networking difficult and even painful.

    Strip away the trappings and the pressure (most of which is self-imposed) and networking can be boiled down to meeting and speaking with people. People who are mostly just like you. Meeting and speaking with people is something you do virtually every day.

    It’s not that tough.

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