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Older Job Seeker? Heed This Advice: 
Landing a Job Today is About Ability Not Seniority


Too many older job seekers think seniority is the key to landing a job. You're wrong, says Renée Ward, founder of and you should invest in services that help you showcase your vast knowledge, good judgment, wisdom, abilities and skills to prove your superior candidacy.

    Seniority, that is, length of service and experience no longer matters in most companies and is even less of a factor in consideration for open positions. However, older job seekers still think seniority should give them precedence over others. This is an outdated mindset that should be abandoned. Studies have shown that differences in job performance between someone with 20 years experience and someone with just five years are often negligible.   MORE

Should I Tell Employers I Don’t Have a Smartphone?

from Ask The Headhunter® by Nick Corcodilos 

Question:   These days it seems so many companies expect you to use your personal smartphone for company business. I do not have a smartphone and worry it will impact my job search.

    I have a basic flip phone for a variety of reasons, including what was basically a smartphone addiction that impacted both my mental and physical (neck strain) health. I am so much happier now with the simplicity of a basic phone, but worry potential employers will think I’m a Luddite. I’m not. I’m used to working in front of a computer all day, but I really don’t want to buy a personal smartphone for work, nor do I feel I should be required to do so. I am not expected to bring my own personal computer or desk chair to work. Why should I use a personal phone for my professional life, especially one where I’m in an office all day?   MORE

11 Complaints From Frustrated
And Angry Job Seekers About The Interview Process

by Jack Kelly at

I hear from candidates every day who are upset with the interview process. They don’t openly complain on social media because they don't want to be blacklisted or for their boss to notice that they are looking for a new job. However, privately, job seekers freely share their opinions with me. To say that they’re not happy is an understatement. Spoiler alert: people who are looking for a new job are furious with the poor treatment that they receive during their job search.   MORE

Tech Design Focuses on Booming Older Market
Manufacturers scramble to address these unique needs

by Susan Thomas at

The technology market for older users is booming. With the world’s 65-plus population poised to hit one billion by the year 2030, manufacturers are scrambling to find new ways to put digital products into the hands of this lucrative market.

    But while they may be purchasing laptops, smart phones and tablets, many older users say they still don’t feel confident about using them. Researchers at the University of California at San Diego Health Sciences department found that many times frustration with new technology made older adults unsure of their ability to use it, leaving them unmotivated to even try.

    The result is a significant shift in design philosophy for many tech companies.   MORE

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What’s Luck
Got to do With it
Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

OK. Let’s face it. It’s Friday the thirteenth. A day fraught with specters of ill fortune.

    How many job seekers invoke the specter of “luck” when speaking of a job search? “He was lucky to have landed that job.” “She was lucky that XYZ was looking for someone just when she happened to walk in the door.”

    Sound familiar? It should. Job seekers invariably make these kinds of observations. Don’t believe us? Go to any job search group meeting and see how long (and/or how often) it takes before someone uses the word “luck.”

    The fact is that luck has very little, if anything, to do with it. A wise old football coach once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Over the years, many variations on that theme have been echoed.

    That phrase applies to job seeking just as much – if not more – than it does to football or any other athletic endeavor.

    Consider the job interview. First and foremost, a job interview is an opportunity. And, it’s an opportunity that not everyone gets. When you get that opportunity, you had better be ready to make the most of it – as in preparation.

    If you’re a job seeker, how many times have you heard someone preach about the importance of preparing for a job interview? Learning about the company. Learning about its products and services. Learning about the interviewer. Etc., etc.

    Doing your preparation across the board – in preparing your resume, in drafting your cover letter, in networking with friends and colleagues, etc. – will get you ready to seize your opportunities, ready to ace your interview.

    That doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful every time out. There are other factors involved. But Friday the 13th or not, none of them have anything to do with luck.

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