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Why More Older Workers Are Becoming Unemployed

by Paul Solman and Diane Lincoln Estes at

Many Americans say they focus on saving for retirement when they reach their fifties. But what happens if you lose your job at that age?

    Our economics correspondent, Paul Solman, and his producer, Diane Lincoln Estes, look at that challenge as part of our Making Sense series Unfinished Business.

How Many Months Does It Take To Find A Job?
There's a tipping point when the job search gets much harder

by Monica Torres at

When you embark on the uncertain journey of a job hunt, you may wonder: How long is this going to take? Unfortunately for those seeking the comforting certainty of when the interviews, rejections and silences are likely to be over, there is not one answer.

    “Everybody’s job search is unique,” said Ashley Watkins, a job search coach with corporate recruiting experience.

6 Reasons Older Americans
Should Consider Remote Work

by Laura Spawn at

Social Security may kick in at some point in our 60s, but for many Americans, 60 is the new 40. 

    Whether you credit advances in healthcare or blame a combination of economic recessions and poor retirement planning, older Americans are remaining in—and returning to—the workforce at a rate that makes them the fastest-growing labor pool in the U.S.

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Senior Leaders Need Mentoring Too

by Lisa Fain at

As a mentoring relationship comes to an end, I will often interview the mentor about what they learned during the relationship. “I need a mentor, too,” is the most popular refrain during these conversations. 

    Even the most senior-level employee is often surprised at their own realization about how much they would benefit from mentoring. But it’s indeed true that mentoring is for everyone.

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Taken for Granted
Your interviewer may not appreciate your 25 years experience

Perhaps the strongest reason for hiring an older job candidate is experience. You know that. You’ve spent a long time building that body of experience and you are 100 percent convinced that it should count for something.

    And you’re right. It should. And it does.

    But you can’t assume that your 25 years of experience will impress the interviewer, the hiring manager, or anyone. What you see as your strongest argument to be hired, they may see only as a number on a page.

    So none of that matters. Do all those years of striving and working add up to nothing? No. They are valuable. Just as valuable as you think they are.

    But you need to make them understand that. You need to stress your strengths – strengths that are accomplishment based. Accomplishments that have been earned over your many long years on the job.

    Explained correctly, those accomplishments will underscore your personal strengths and talents. Weave your strengths into a story that will resonate with your interviewer and be remembered. Your experience will help you prove that you can tackle any challenge that this job, this company can throw your way.

    Your stories of your experience will be remembered long after that hiring manager has forgotten the number of years that experience represents.

    Your experience and all that it brings with it, is the most powerful weapon in your job seeking arsenal. Use it. Use it wisely, But, use it. And use it to your greatest advantage.

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