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The Secret to Acing an Interview After 50

by Nilus Mattive at

The biggest stumbling blocks to older workers are…   more
Avoid putting this red flag on your resume…   more
Nothing ages someone more in an interview than… more

This 50-Year-Old Dog Walker Retired
after Making More Than $1 Million
— Working Just Three Days a Week
Kristin Morrison started a business doing what she loves

by Brett Arends at

When Kristin Morrison was in her mid-20s, she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. It was the mid-1990s. She had no career and no direction. She was living in Tiburon, Calif., just over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, taking classes and trying to figure things out.

    Then one day she went for a walk, and everything changed.   MORE 

Jumping Back into the Workforce, at Mid-Life

by Eva Del Rio at

Q: I’m a 50-something looking to re-enter the workforce after a decade-long absence during which I was a “trailing spouse.” My husband’s career had us relocating every couple of years; during that time I also received my Ph.D. I’m concerned about explaining the “gap” in my work history given that most online applications are first reviewed by computer algorithms. I’m also concerned about listing my Ph.D. — afraid it will scare people away. My last professional job was as an executive assistant to a CEO. Any advice is appreciated.

A: I’m not gonna lie. It takes courage and determination to re-enter the workforce after a 10-year absence as a 50-something. But, like any job search (at any age), if you develop a strategy and keep the right mental outlook it can be done.   MORE

A Five-Step Method For Moving Into The Career
You Were Meant To Have

by Alexandra Phillips at

Are you feeling stuck in a career path you don’t remember choosing, but you’re afraid to leave it because you feel like you can’t? Well, take heart. You’re not alone. One report found that only 27% of college graduates work in a field that is related to their chosen field of study.

    Given that most of us don’t have the financial luxury to jump ship and quit our jobs, here is a five-step plan to get the most out of your current job while positioning yourself for one in a field that feeds your soul.   MORE

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Had Enough?
How many resumes, cover letters and interviews are enough?

How many is enough? How many resumes sent? How many online applications? How many interviews? How many informational interviews? How many networking events and/or contacts have you made in the past week? 

    How many are enough to get you to your next job?

    Of course there is no right or wrong answer to that question. That elusive number will vary from individual to individual. Some people land a job (or at least what ultimately is a successful interview) on the very first day of their job search.

    There is one thing on which virtually all recruiters and job coaches agree: quality beats quantity every time. Most add that online applications are more likely than not to be nothing but one large bottomless pit. One recruiter told of a job seeker who submitted approximately 100 online applications and was shocked that no one contacted her back.

    Although those are not quality applications that doesn’t mean that you should ignore them all together. After all, those companies are looking for someone and one never knows…

    On the quality side of the fence the thinking is more likely to follow Glassdoor’s research. They found that “employee referrals are much more likely to lead to an accepted job offer.” While Glassdoor found that employee referrals increased the likelihood of a hire by as much as 6.6 percent, other referrals are not far behind.

    Referrals may be the highest quality job search activity out there. In a job search – as in so many other facets of life – quality trumps quantity every time.

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