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Welcome to the “Golden Age” for Job Seekers


Although the economy is showing some signs of weakening, CNBC’s Acorn reports that experts say the time is ripe for job hunters to find greener pastures. 

    “If you don’t like your job, this is a golden age to find a new one,” Ian Siegel, CEO of ZipRecruiter, recently told The Washington Post.

    With 164,000 jobs added last month, July marked the 106th straight month of added job growth to the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, unemployment remains low at 3.7%. These conditions are favorable to workers.   MORE

How To Explain A Job Gap On Your Resume

by Jenna Arcand at

If there's a noticeable employment gap on your resume, you may be concerned that it's impacting your chances of landing interviews and moving forward in the hiring process. Explaining an employment gap on your resume can feel tricky, but there's a right way and wrong way to do it.

    Here's how you can successfully explain an employment gap on your resume.   MORE

Ageism Isn’t Normal! How to Deal with Age-related Bias

from Sixty and Me

No matter how old we are, we deserve to be treated as individuals. This is true in the workplace. And, it is true in life, more generally.

    …I want to give some advice for dealing with age-related bias and discrimination. I hope that it helps you to live a stronger, more assertive and positive life.   MORE

How a Personal Website Enhances Your Job Search

by Lauren Levine at

Regardless of the field you’re in, a personal website significantly enhances your online presence, and can elevate your profile as you hunt for a new job opportunity. Whether you’re an artist, an engineer, a teacher, or something in between, establishing a presence online allows you to give potential employers a better look at who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and why you’d be a great addition to their team. Here’s why you should consider building a professional portfolio today:

    It makes you more than just a resume.   MORE

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If No Man is an Island…
That doesn’t mean job seeking isn’t a solitary process

Job seeking is an individual activity. This doesn’t mean that you don’t encounter and/or need other people in your job search, but ultimately it all comes down to you – the job seeker.

    Despite all the people whose paths you cross during your search, despite all the family, friends and colleagues who are providing some sort of assistance, job seeking is still an individual, singular activity.

    If you’re an older job seeker will you encounter some form of age discrimination? Statistically speaking, you’re likely to experience it. But is that a guarantee that you will? Absolutely not.

    What you have to do is accept the fact that age discrimination exists and it shouldn’t be surprising if rears its ugly head sometime during your job search. What should you do if you feel that you’ve been discriminated against because of your age?

    You could file a lawsuit. You do have the law on your side. But that could be an expensive proposition. (You could lose your case and have to pay your attorney’s fees.) And even if you do have a strong, winnable case, that might take years to resolve, and what are you going to do in the meantime?

    Or, you could just move on. Really. Would you even want to work for a company that routinely discriminates job applicants because of their age? (Or, would you want to work for a company that unjustifiably discriminates for any reason?)

    The nation’s worst kept secret is that with our current, near-record low unemployment, this is the best time in decades to be looking for a job. You have leverage and you have employers’ hunger to hire on your side.

    Don’t get bogged down by some narrow-minded hiring manager who is averse to a little white (or gray) hair or a few crows’ feet. You have a lot to offer and eventually you will find an employer who will recognize and appreciate that… and hire you.

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