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This Is the Exact Age Workers Think
They’ll Experience Age Discrimination

by Sheila McClear at

One in five of U.S. workers age 40 and older have experienced age discrimination in the workplace, according to the 2019 Ageism in the Workplace Study, published by Hiscox, the international specialist insurer.

    The study surveyed 400 full-time U.S. workers age 40 and older.   MORE

Are Older Workers Getting Enough Support?
The workplace can become a stressful environment for senior colleagues

by Rachel Ranosa at

The growing complexity of the modern workplace may be taking a toll on the health of older employees who are struggling to keep up.

    A new study from the American Psychological Association suggests senior colleagues – whose cognitive abilities purportedly fall behind with respect to the demands of their job – have a higher chance of retiring early and developing chronic illness.   MORE

Start Your Job Search
With the 2019 LinkedIn Top Companies

by Laura Lorenzetti Soper at

There are over 20 million jobs available on LinkedIn right now, and if you’re in the market for a new job, you’re in luck. The just-announced LinkedIn Top Companies list is your cheat sheet for identifying the 50 most sought-after employers in the U.S.

    The list examines billions of actions on the platform to identify the top 50 companies to work for in the U.S.… Many, if not all, of the Top Companies are growing rapidly: expanding their workforces, opening new offices around the country and seeking individuals with new skill sets.   MORE

Rediscover Your Purpose In 15 Days

by Vicky Valet at

Purpose isn’t just another buzzword. For workers of all ages, purpose is the new paycheck, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. At a time when Americans spend a big part of their adult lives logging hours at jobs with which just 34% say they’re engaged—a statistic that is all the more disconcerting since this is the highest level of worker engagement reported since Gallup began tracking this in 2000—the need to find fulfillment is an imperative, for employees and employers alike.

    Whether your work experience spans three years or three decades, know that most people lose sight of their “why” every once in a while, and we want to help you remember yours.   MORE 

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It’s one of the most important aspects of your job search – in addition to being a 1950s sci-fi movie

“The Blob.” “The Monster That Devoured Cleveland.” “The Thing.” “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.”

    The 1950s produced some of worst examples of cinematic sci-fi trash ever seen. But there was one sci-fi classic that may have a hidden message for your job search. The film was titled simply: “Them.”

    Released in 1954 this deserves-to-be-forgotten flick starred character actor James Whitmore, James Arness (Gunsmoke), Fess Parker (Davy Crockett) and Richard Deacon (The Dick Van Dyke Show.) That’s more than you need to know.

    While the movie itself had nothing to do with job seeking, the ignominious title packs a wallop. 

    You may think that you’re the focal point of your job search – and, to a degree, you’re right. You labor endlessly creating your personal brand, conveying that brand to a resume, learning about a target company in advance of an interview. That’s a lot of hard – not to mention necessary and important work,  but in the final analysis what gets you the job is… THEM.

    THEM, the employer. Ultimately what carries the day is how you can meet their needs, their headaches and their problems.

    During your interview you’re expected to talk about yourself, your experience and your skills, etc. But what will get you hired is how well you can articulate how you understand and can solve their problems. Keep in mind, their foremost concern is that they have a problem and they’re looking for someone to solve it.

    As one recruiter put it, “No one ever hires you because you want them to. They hire you because they want to.”

    It’s all about THEM.

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