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10 Reasons To Hire and Retain Workers 50+

by Kerry Hannon at

It's time for a cultural wake-up call. Here's the business case for hiring and retaining workers 50+. The beauty of it is that everyone wins from companies to workers, and, you bet, the economy.

    When it comes to hiring, smart employers know that it’s not about age. Really. An innovative company wants talented people, period. And in a tight labor market, now more than ever, employers need to open their eyes to the possibilities of wooing those with decades of hard-wired knowledge.   MORE

What I’ve Learned About Unemployment
And Being Poor After Applying For 215 Jobs

by Nina McCollum at

This month marks two years since I lost my full-time job. At the time, I’d been working as a communications professional for 15 years, and the loss was devastating. I was a single mother with almost nothing in savings and no safety net. My four-year long-distance relationship had also just ended, and I felt scared and alone.

    The last time I’d lost a job, as part of a mass layoff in 2003, I waitressed until I could get back to full-time office work. Unfortunately, waitressing was no longer an option…   MORE

Are You a Victim of Age Discrimination? 
Here are 6 ways to use experience to your advantage

by Marcelle Yeager at

Age discrimination against older workers is an issue that exists across most industries. Officially, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) forbids age discrimination against people who are 40 or older. This is a difficult law to enforce and many workers who are close to or over 50 in particular often feel employers overlook them.

    Unfortunately, security clearance holders and applicants are not immune to age discrimination. But your experience is an asset, not a liability; use age to your advantage. Here are six ways to tackle age discrimination.   MORE

Here’s How Technology Is Curbing Healthcare Costs for Older Workers

by Michael Gossie at

Don’t be surprised when you hear Grandma say, “Alexa, what can I take for this back pain?”

    “One in seven people have Alexa or Google Home and smartphone penetration in the 50-plus segment is now 83 percent,” says Heather Kane, CEO of employer and individual plans for UnitedHealthcare of Arizona and New Mexico. “These technologies can be used at home to support people’s health, wellness and medical needs in new and convenient ways.”   MORE

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Send Me
Your Resume
It’s not about the resume.
It’s about the connection.

If you’ve been job searching for any amount of time, you’ve probably run into Mr. Send–Me– Your–Resume. You know the type. You call asking for an informational interview and he responds with, “Send me your resume.”

    Could there be anything more patronizing and condescending for a job seeker? You both know that he’s just trying to get rid of you.

    Do you send him your resume? Well, of course. But not without reminding him that you didn’t call asking for permission to send him your resume. “That’s fine, Mr. Send–Me–Your–Resume, and I can and will do that. But the real reason I’m calling is to request 15 minutes of your to discuss…” Here’s where you fill in the blank. “I’d like to learn more about your company.” “I like your insights as to what is going on the widget industry.” “Would you like to meet for coffee so that we can discuss…”

    All that resume business is well and good, but what you want is some time. Face time. Personal time. Time when you and he can talk. That’s why they call it an informational interview. You’re seeking information.

    You may even want to go as far as to put him at ease by stating that you’re not asking him for a job. You want to talk about the industry, this company or that company; you want his evaluation of you as a candidate. Get him away from your resume and “looking for a job.”

    It’s really a win-win. You get to learn more about the job market, the industry, a particular company, etc. And he gets to learn more about you – your qualifications, your skills, etc.

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