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Older Workers, Looking for a Job, Finding Bias
A reader notes the benefit to companies of hiring more experienced workers,
and another relates a personal story of age bias

from The New York Times

Businesses do themselves a disservice by shying away from older workers. Rather than worrying about only the potential cost of a more experienced worker, hiring managers should also consider the benefits of hiring them.

    By recognizing the concrete and meaningful contributions of older workers in today’s challenging environment, leaders will make their organization more responsive to changing conditions since we have seen many situations that can be applied to today’s circumstances.   MORE

The Cold, Hard Truth About Ageism in the Workplace

by Bailey Reiners at

Companies are finally getting serious about diversity and inclusion.

    These days, businesses are realizing the societal and economic benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce, and are going out of their way to stamp out unfair and out of date hiring and employment practices. But there’s one issue that’s still very much present in America’s workforce.   MORE

Keeping Older Employees Engaged and at Work

from Massey University

A new research paper published in A-ranked journal Personnel Review has identified the factors most likely to keep older employees engaged and in the workforce.

    Lead author, Professor Tim Bentley from the Massey Business School, says the study clearly demonstrates the value of organisational support for older workers.   MORE

Laid-off Arizona Man Finds New Job
after Handing out His Résumé on Streets

by Frank Miles at

A laid-off Arizona worker found an unusual way to get the attention of prospective employers -- by taking it to the streets.

    Patrick Hoagland told Fox News on Tuesday night that he had been laid off a month when he decided to get creative… Hoagland hit the streets of Arizona's capital city with a sign saying he was "laid-off" and "looking for a job," as Fox 10 Phoenix reported.  The sign also implored any passers-by looking for help to "please take a resume."   MORE

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A Head Start
Combining networking and experience gives a huge edge to the older worker

It’s great when two separate traits or concepts come together, and form a strong and distinctive alliance. 

    Take networking and workplace experience. At first glance there is seemingly little connection between the two. But, if you think it through, a perfectly symbiotic relationship emerges.

    Let’s start with networking. Networking is something that most people in any aspect of the find-a-job game will state unequivocally is of vital importance in a job search. In short, it’s how most jobs are found.

    For the record, there are two types of networking. The first is where you attend a networking “event” where dozens of business people gather hoping to find that magical business connection. For the job seeker, it’s where you go to make contacts which may lead to your next job. 

    The second type of networking is where you meet with individuals – usually one on one – with the hope of uncovering a job opening, finding a contact, or gaining entree into some organization. While both types of networking are important, the individual approach tends to pay higher dividends.

    Then you have experience. Experience is the one characteristic that separates the older job seeker from all others. It’s something that can’t be taught. There is only one way to acquire experience, and that’s by putting in the time – something which all older job seekers have done.

    Because of the experience gathered by older job seekers, they naturally have more contacts, know more people, etc. And those are the people who can help the most when it comes to the individual networking of which we spoke.

    Knowing more people through your experiece gives you that many more people with whom to network. This gives the older job seeker a huge head start in the race for a new position.

    Let’s review. Networking is vitally important in a job search. The more people with whom you can network, the better it is for your job search. And how do build up your cadre of contacts? Through the work experience which you have that your job-seeking competitors do not.

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