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Baby Boomers Are Staying in the Workforce
at Unprecedented Rates

by Sheila Mcclear at

As for younger Boomers, 66% of adults between 55 to 64 were in the workforce in 2018, surpassing the Silent and Greatest generations at the same age.

    Everybody knows that Baby Boomers are working longer, but according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of official labor force data, the oldest Boomers are still working at the highest rate for people their age in over fifty years.

    In 2018, 29% of Boomers ages 65 to 72 were working or looking for work.   MORE

How to Change Careers at 40 (or 50+, ed)
These seven steps will lead you to your new goal

by Peter A. Gudmundsson at

IN MANY SPORTS, halftime is when the coach changes up the strategy and can redefine success for the rest of the game. Positions are adjusted and players are swapped. The team that takes the field or court in the second half often has a completely different approach to the game in terms of pace, priorities and tactics. The age of 40 is a similar waypoint for when people reconsider their career and whether they are in the right position or even the right sport. Following seven steps will guide a job seeker through the unique journey of making a major career change at 40 and older.   MORE

Video Job Interviews: 10 Ways To Shine

By Nancy Dunham at

Job interviews are increasingly being done by video. Sometimes, it’s because applicants and interviewers are in different cities. Other times, it’s because employers find video interviews an efficient way to “meet” multiple candidates. In certain cases, job seekers film answers to questions and the hiring managers can watch anytime. If you’ve never sought a job this way, however, you may be a little nervous.   MORE

3 Steps For Setting Up An Informational Interview

by Kelly Kuehn at

An informational interview is a great way to learn more about a job or career path you're interested in.

    It's also a great way to connect with someone who is already doing that job.

    However, if you've never set one up before, you could be confused about how to do it properly.   MORE

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Random Thoughts
Several musings worthy
of your consideration

There is a lot that goes into a job search – most of which we’ve covered here at one time or another. Not surprising, there’s a lot more. Here are just a few.

    First, if your job search has lasted more than a few months, that’s not unusual – even in today’s tight job market. And it’s certainly not something to be ashamed of, or worse, something you might be tempted to hide.

    Most companies and recruiters recognize that job searches are not an overnight phenomenon. The stigma that was once associated with being out of work for an extended period has mostly disappeared. And, you’re not alone.

    If your job search is dragging on, one thing to keep in mind is that most recruiters purge their systems of resumes every 2-3 months. They do that because over that time, most (but admittedly not all) job seekers have found something. The point is, if you’re still looking, be certain to check back in with your recruiters periodically to ensure that your resume is still on file with them.

    Second, if you would consider working for a non-profit organization, don’t shy away from it. Including a phrase such as seeking or will consider non-profit on your resume and/or LinkedIn profile can open many doors that otherwise would have remained closed.

    While computers look for and identify phrases such as “seeking non-profit,” what they don’t recognize are some of the chic and trendy job titles that being more and more common. Titles such as “Chief People Officer.” Or, “Manager of Customer Experiences.” Most ATS (automated tracking systems) systems don’t recognize such off-beat titles. Modifying your title to something more conventional will open your digital documents to many more suitors.

    While nothing here is a blockbuster idea, sometimes it’s the smaller things that make the biggest differences.

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More job search assistance can be found in the Nifty50s library.

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