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NiftyNote:   As you research potential employers, refer to these “signs of ageism” to determine how that organization views, treats and values older workers.

8 Signs of Ageism in the Workplace
and What to Do About Them

by Rieva Lesonsky at

Is your business discriminating against older employees? Ageism in the workplace can be subtle and hard to spot, at least for those not on the receiving end. Whether intentional or not, it can have the unfortunate effect of driving older workers to disengage from their jobs mentally or even quit.

    While the loss of experienced employees is harmful to any business, it’s especially so for small companies. Entrepreneurs may not realize how much institutional knowledge is concentrated in a few key employees until it’s too late. Right now, baby boomers, Generation X and millennials are all in the workforce at once, so it’s more important than ever to be sensitive to ageism.   MORE

7 Insights on Ageism That May Surprise You

by Diane Johnson Flynn at

I had the opportunity to speak at The Ageist conference in Los Angeles recently, a first-of-its-kind symposium to examine the economic and social impact of the modern 50+ demographic. What a dynamic, energized, well-connected community of people who want to change the world and live with purpose.

    First, some facts about this market that shocked me. Did you know…

Gap in Your Resume? Here's How to Handle It
Employers will notice, so you should address it head-on.

by Daniel B. Kline at The Motley Fool

A resume serves as your introduction to a potential employer. It can answer questions and show off your qualifications -- but it can also raise questions that you need to address.

    One major concern is if you have a gap in employment. That's a potential resume red flag that you should be upfront in addressing. An employment gap probably won't keep you from getting hired, but not explaining it could scare off a potential employer.   MORE

Can Thanking Your Interviewer Get You the Job? Why “Thank You”  Emails Matter

by Biron Clark at

You’ve probably heard that you should send “thank you” emails after your interview.

    You’ve probably also wondered: Does it really make a difference? Is it worth your time? And what happens if you don’t send one?   MORE

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for a Change?
Do want more of the same? Or something else?

Being a Nifty50 job seeker in this day and age presents a special assortment of challenges and choices. On the one hand, it’s the strongest job market in decades. That’s good. On the other hand, ageism is routinely identified as a major stumbling block for mature candidates in securing meaningful employment. That’s not good.

    Many such people see themselves in a major quandary, not knowing what to do or where to turn next. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

    A major trap that many fall into is assuming that they will simply go out and find another job – just like, or similar to what they’ve had in the past. That’s not necessarily the case. Nor should it be.

    If you worked at large company, it’s not likely you’ll find another job like that. A similar job at a smaller company or with a non-profit organization may be much more attainable. And with your experience and work ethic, that makes you that much more coveted.

    Or, depending on what you’ve been doing up until now, starting your own business may be a more viable alternative.

    The choices are many and varied. If you're making a transition, do you want just a job, or do you want to extend your career? Do you want a new career? A different career? Or, an extension of what you've been doing? The choice is yours.

    And the best news of all is that you have that choice. Big company. Small company. Non-profit. Your own business. Or… what? It’s your call. Don’t box yourself into thinking, “What is there left for me to do at my age?”

    The answer to that question is:   a lot.

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More job search assistance can be found in the Nifty50s library.

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