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Why Many People Can’t Just Keep Doing
What They’re Doing, Especially After 50

by Neil Senturia at

I had lunch with a client, 52, smart, talented, former CEO of a startup, who got laid off from a semi-hot company and now has to decide what comes next. He is meeting people, networking, considering his options. Over sushi I asked him what he wanted to do, where did he see himself in five years. Let it suffice that his answer was more than a bit muddled.   MORE

LinkedIn Just Launched a Tool
That Helps Job Seekers Prep for Interviews

by Allana Akhtar at

Job interviews can sometimes seem more like a game of wits than a test of your abilities.

    Things like what you wear, what time you arrive, and how much you smile often make a big difference to the hiring manager, who can even use interview questions to try to trick you.

    To help prepare for the uncertainty of job interviews, LinkedIn just released a tool that allows users to practice for the big meeting in real time. After the user applies to a job, LinkedIn shares advice on answering common questions, such as "Why should we hire you?" and "What is your greatest strength?"   MORE

Companies Are Still Ignoring Older Female Workers, and It’s Hurting Their Bottom Lines
Only 8% of companies even consider age
when they design diversity and inclusion initiatives.

by Bonnie Marcus at

Many companies love to tout the success of their Diversity and Inclusions programs. Glassdoor publishes an annual list of the Top 20 companies with diversity programs. Fortune partnered with A Great Place to Work to create a list of the best workplaces for diversity. There are many more lists like this, but according to PwC, only 8% of these companies include age in their D&I strategies.

    The reality is, companies don’t give ageism the same attention as other forms of bias.   MORE

10 U.S. Jobs That Are Disappearing Fastest
Think twice before pursuing these shrinking occupations

by Gael F. Cooper at

Finding a job is tough under any circumstances, but it’s harder for those in fields that are slowly slipping away.

    Governing Magazine studied recently reviewed Labor Department Occupational Employment Statistics data for all occupations, and created a list showing which occupations declined the most over the past decade.

    Some of them won’t be a surprise.   MORE

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is a Crapshoot
As part of your job search, persistence is key

Virtually all job coaches, recruiters, and like agree that networking is an essential part of any job search. Some go on to say that it is the most important aspect of a job search. Not much argument there.

    That said, when you examine networking – whether you’re doing it to find a job, or to build a business – what you find is that it really is a kind of crapshoot. Of course we’re referring to the formal definition of crapshoot which is “a risky business venture.”

    But if it’s risky, why is it so important? The answer to that question is that its importance can be directly linked to success. Networking has been proven – by many – to be one of the most effective job search tactics a job seeker can pursue.

    Risky but effective? At the risk of sound contradictory, allow us to explain.

    Despite its success rate, networking can very often turn up empty. You can attend ten networking events and come away with exactly nothing. No job. No job offers. No interviews. No reliable contacts. Nothing.

    However, it may be that 11th event where you can score, and score big. Or, it might be the 12th event. You never really know.

    Because there is no rhyme or reason to it is why we say it’s a crapshoot. You never know.

    In addition, if your networking efforts are not producing any results, it may not be your fault. It could be that you’re attending the wrong kind of events. It could be something in the way you go about working the room. Or it could be nothing. You could be doing everything right, but you still may not be connecting.

    The key is persistence. Any successful networking campaign has to do with persistence. If you keep at it, eventually it will pay dividends. The frustrating part is that you never know which event will prove a winner until after it happens.

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