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Why Age Can Be a Major Asset in the Workplace

by Stephanie Nikolopoulos at

There’s been a lot of talk about the rise of the millennial workforce, with many older employees concerned about being pushed out of their jobs. While millennials offer innovative thinking that helps businesses think outside the box and push into new territories, “perennials” — the term for older employees — remain foundational to the success of businesses.

Pilot Programme Aims
to Get Over-50 Job Seekers Back to Work


Older jobseekers in the Greater Manchester area are to benefit from a pilot programme developing targeted new approaches to help over 50s get back to work…

    Research by the Centre for Ageing Better last year found that older job seekers would benefit from personalised support that could be flexible around caring commitments and health needs.

That Time I Networked With Randy


A hundred years ago, in 2006, I forced myself to get to a network meeting for job seekers.

    When I say forced, I really didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to take the time, which I thought was not as productive as sitting on my laptop monitoring Monster job postings, and hoping to be one of the first to apply. I didn’t want to network with people who didn’t have a job because, frankly, I judged them to be broken, or unhireable, or whatever. Yes, I was that much of a jerk. I know some of you have the same thoughts, though.

    But really… what good would networking with people who didn’t have a job be? How could those who needed, and couldn’t give, help me?

    I was a short-sighted dork.

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The Best Jobs of 2020


When you imagine your ideal job, what do you see? Maybe you envision conquering challenging software problems at a trendy tech firm full of fun perks. Or perhaps you dream of watching your architectural sketches become sweeping structures of steel, concrete and glass. 

    The ideal job might differ from person to person, but most can agree on a few key characteristics: it should offer good pay, have potential for growth in its field and be in demand by employers… With that in mind, we compiled our lists of the best jobs of 2020.

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You Have
No Experience
Older job seekers have experience that can have many applications

One of the strongest weapons in the older job seeker’s arsenal is that of experience. You don’t get to be our age without amassing some significant experience at whatever it is that you do.

    There sometimes is a glitch, however.

    Let’s face it. Interviewers constantly are trying to trip up job candidates of any age by feeding them loaded questions. In the case of the older job seeker, the interviewer may pose this stickler. “Yes, you have a lot of experience, but you don’t have any experience with (this.)”

    As an older job seeker, how do you respond? One of the most, if not THE most effective way to address that situation is to draw upon something you’ve done before and relate it to the interviewer’s question. “I may never have faced precisely that situation, but this is how I tackled another similar situation.” It would be a good idea for you to add your rationale or your reasoning as to why the two are related.

    A wise old vice president of sales once remarked that, if you understand sales and the selling process, you can sell shoes or nuclear power plants. It’s all sales. 

    The same notion can be applied here. Think of it as a transferable skill. You may have never handled a new product introduction, but you have a background in opening a new plant, a new sales territory, etc. Or, just because you never implemented a cost-reduction program in a health care facility, your cost containment experience in a manufacturing plant may be applicable.

    This approach not only shows that you’ve done your homework in preparation for the interview, it also demonstrates that you know how to think on your feet – under pressure.

    What employer wouldn’t like that?

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