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Older Job Seekers Are Having A Tougher Time Finding Jobs Due To "Age Bias"

by Matt Lalli at

The American economy has seen a historic low in unemployment within the past few years, which in return has employers struggling to find suitable applicants for their open positions. Although this is the case, many employers are still dissuaded by the idea of hiring older professionals.

    Statistically speaking, more than half of workers over the age of 50 will end up losing their long-term job and will be forced to restart their job search, and according to an article from the New York Times, job seekers over the age of 50 will remain unemployed for at least one year as they shop the market for a new position.

Coincidence? I Think Not.

by Kris McGuigan at Professional Courage

Various times in my career, I found myself faced with an extraordinary opportunity — a promotion, a board seat, a key client.  Some would consider it luck, but I have to disagree. 

    Finding a penny? Could be luck. Meeting your soul mate at the grocery store? Maybe. Having a successful career? Now that takes work.

You’re Never Too Old to Get Rich If You Follow These Seven Tips for Starting a Business

by Jill Cornfield at

Of all the reasons to start at business after age 50, perhaps the best one is that the years are passing.

    Maybe it’s something you always wanted to do. For some, it’s a good strategy for getting more work years in before retirement.

    Sure, it’s a lot of work and a lot of hours. But there’s one thing that should not stop you.   Your age.

Why Your Job Search Is Not Working
— New Study Shows Disconnect Between Managers And Candidates

by Caroline Ceniza-Levine at

Randstad and Future Workplace conducted a survey of 1,200 managers and employees to research the interaction of people with technology at work. The findings covered the life cycle of work from hiring to onboarding to performance on-the-job. Among the findings: employees ranked a company’s career website as the number one place they look for open positions (71% spent time job hunting on employer websites), while only 58% of managers felt their company career websites yielded the best applicants (63% of managers cited employee referrals as the most successful source for top applicants).   MORE

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Getting Out There
Networking knows no bounds. Even in the grocery store.

Most experts agree that effective networking is an essential component of any job search. 

    The good news is that most of us are networking all the time without even realizing it.  Any contacts with individuals in your profession or industry – even if they appear on the surface to be social – they’re all a part of networking.  Let’s take it a step further. Even individuals outside of your profession or industry are potential networking partners.

    One job coach friend estimates that typical professionals spend 10 percent (and in some cases, 20 percent) of their time networking in one way, shape or form as a normal part of the everyday work world. Try multiplying that to your job search when you’re actively, intentionally out there networking.

    When you’re in job search mode, however, that same coach recommends that you spend as much as 70 percent of your time networking. Before you roll your eyes into the back of your head, consider:

    Put aside for a second, the strong job market we’re now experiencing. Low unemployment or not, we live in a great time; you have many job search/networking options. In addition to dedicated networking events, this 70 percent of your time also includes activities such as phone calls and informational interviews as well as informal breakfasts, lunches or coffee chats. Then, of course, there is LinkedIn and other social media as well as jobs groups, job fairs, etc.

    Anywhere you go holds the potential for networking… or more. We know a woman who, while waiting for a friend at a small coffee shop, was eavesdropping on the conversation the two men at the next table we’re having. They were talking about how they needed someone to do a particular job. 

    Our friend apologized for interrupting, but she told them that she could do that job. Long story short: she got the job.

    It all helps and it all is directed your singular purpose of finding your next job. Grab every opportunity you can.

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