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Your elevator pitch

Why Years of Experience Don’t Matter

as Much as What You’ve Accomplished


In a survey by the career counseling site CAREEREALISM, of the 55% of professionals that identified as “seasoned workers” or “mid-life career changers,” 87% responded that they think age discrimination is hurting their job search.

    Certain industries are especially tough for seasoned workers. In the technology sector, for instance, baby boomers and Gen X-ers are both at higher risk for age discrimination. A survey by Dice Insights found that 68% of boomers in tech say they’ve been discouraged from applying for a position because of their age.

Learn The Advantages Of Hiring Seniors

During National Employ Older Workers Week

by Sidney L. Gold at

The last full week of September is National Employ Older Workers Week, which is designated by the United States Department of Labor (DOL). The purpose of this special event is to increase awareness about this important group in the American workforce.

    During the week, recognition will also be given to the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). This work-based program offers job training for unemployed, low-income seniors.   MORE

Job Hunting Tips for Niche Professionals


If you’re an expert in a given field, it’s natural that you take pride in what you do. After all, years of hard work and study have positioned you in your niche, and you know how to do your job well. However, changes are part of anyone’s career, and it’s best to not pigeonhole yourself into a narrow category. Here are job hunting tips to help you branch out of your comfort zone, whether it’s necessary or you’re looking to take on new roles and responsibilities.

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What Jobs Should I Look For?

by Marcelle Yeager

Are you trying to figure out what jobs you should be searching for? 

    In this video, I cover 4 questions to ask yourself to help determine what jobs might be the right fit based on the skills you have.  Watch the video.

Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

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You Should Have

You need to take some control of the conversation

Politicians are masters at this. And as we slug through the morass otherwise known as a presidential election campaign, you’ll probably be able to notice it, if you’re looking for it.

    We’re talking about talking points. Every politician who has held a press conference, done an interview or given a stump speech has them – and the more successful politicians, the more masterful they are at getting their talking points across.

    And just what does this have to do with your job search? Plenty. At every opportunity the politician skillfully makes the points that will advance the campaign. Likewise, when you’re in a position to exercise your talking points, you need to be certain that you’re making your points, in your way without letting the interviewer – or networking connection – drive the conversation in whatever way they want to take it. That’s your job.

    When a politician has a particular point to be made on, for example, taxes, whenever faced with a question that has anything whatsoever to do with taxes, that’s the particular point that has to be made – whether it actually addresses the question or not.

    The same can be said of your interview. When asked about your responsibilities on your most recent job, rather than just reciting what was written in the job description, here is your opportunity to focus on your strongest points: spearheading the cost-cutting program, opening up a new territory, increasing sales, launching a new product – whatever was your shining moment, that becomes the primary topic of discussion – whether it specifically addresses the interviewer’s point.

    You can’t allow the interview to set the topic(s) of conversation. You don’t ever want to leave an interview mumbling to yourself how you should have this; you should have emphasized that; “why didn’t I tell him about…?” 

    You have your chance during the interview. Steer the conversation on the course you want (or need) it to go.

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