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Older Workers Aren't Hurting the Economy,
They're Stimulating it

by Chris Farrell and Jeffrey Bissoy at

The association of getting older with decline runs deep. To carry on with work — or anything more demanding than an afternoon lecture, a movie and an early dinner — during the traditional retirement years seems cute at best and depressing at worst.

    Forty percent of Americans age 18 to 49 believe that the reluctance of older Americans to retire is bad for American workers.

    Here's the thing.

The Best Way to Change Your Job
Is to Focus on Your Personality
Skills and experience aren’t the only things that matter

by Arianne Cohen at

Starting a new career involves some guessing and finger-crossing. Can you really know if you’ll enjoy 60-plus hours a week as a business owner, consultant, or manager? Mismatches are common. “I get a lot of clients who finished a second degree and then realized they don’t want to do anything affiliated with the degree they just got,” says Ariel Schur, chief executive officer of ABS Staffing Solutions LLC, a recruiting company in New York. A 2014 study by LinkedIn Corp. and PwC put the global annual loss in productivity because of these realizations at $150 billion.

2020 Continues to Belong to Women in Their 50s

by Michelle Ruiz at

…Women in their 50s are owning 2020.

    This will come as no surprise to most women living their everyday lives (my 63-year-old mother, for example, runs circles around in me in the energy department). “Women in Their 50s Can Do Things.” 

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10 Ways to Beef up Your LinkedIn Profile
Serve up fresh content, use sharp visuals, and let analytics drive your strategy.

by Wendy Marx at

LinkedIn has become the preeminent platform for professionals.

    What started as a simple networking and job search tool has blossomed into an essential resource for communicators of all stripes. We now use LinkedIn for research, advertising, marketing, PR, content sharing and career advancement—with excellent results.

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Keep On
Keepin’ On
Age doesn’t seem to be slowing many people down

We suppose that the most obvious example of people who’ve been around the block a few times is the 2020 presidential campaign.

    First, we have to start with the president. When he was inaugurated in January, 2017, Donald Trump became the oldest person to assume the presidency. (Note: if Hillary Clinton had won, she would have been the second oldest.) The president will be 74 on June 14 of this year and is immersed in running for a second term.

    Second, on the Democratic side, most of the remaining candidates are not exactly members of a youth movement. Only South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg is younger than age 50. The other remaining contenders and their ages are: Bernie Sanders (78), Joe Biden (77), Mike Bloomberg (77), Elizabeth Warren (70) and Amy Klobuchar (59).

    While most people would agree that they prefer an experienced president, having five of the top seven candidates over the age of 70 certainly says something – about the presidency, about the country and about the candidates themselves.

    Of course this age bump is not restricted to presidential hopefuls. Singer Tony Bennett is going strong at age 93. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently wrote “Tony Bennett still a marvel at 93.” He’s been actively performing since 1949. Harry Truman was president when he began his singing career.

    Mr. Bennett’s not alone. At age 84, trumpet-player Herb Alpert is still going strong. His website shows him in concert four consecutive nights later this month. He also is scheduled for six concerts in both April and May of this year.

    British singer Petula Clark (“the Downtown girl”) began her career during World War II on the BBC. The now 87-year old singer was still recording in her mid-80s and began a U.S. tour in November, 2017.

    The seemingly ageless Betty White recently turned 98. Last fall she helped the NFL kick off its 100th season.

    So what’s all this talk about you being too old to find another job. Comparatively speaking, you’re just a kid!

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