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6 Ageist Interview Questions and How to Respond
Make your age a selling point, not a strike against you

by Daniel Bortz at

Even in a booming job market, older workers can face difficulties getting hired, or even getting a foot in the door.

    In a survey by the career counseling site CAREEREALISM, of the 55% of professionals identified as “seasoned workers” or “mid-life career changers,” 87% responded that they think age discrimination is hurting their job search.   MORE

Going Back to Work After Retiring
Jobs can be lovelier the second time around

by Kelly K. James at

When Kathy Pauss retired from her job as a school secretary a few months before turning 65, the Downers Grove, Ill. resident thought it was for good. She was looking forward to gardening, spending time with her grandson and getting to a long list of projects she’d been itching to complete. She lasted just eight months before returning to work.

    She soon found a new position, working three days a week as a patient service specialist at a rehabilitation center less than a mile from her home. Pauss isn’t working again for the income as much as the meaning and connection she finds on the job.

It's Time to Talk About Ageism

by Gloria DeBenedet at

Ageism is sabotaging your own future. It can transform into a discriminatory practice. We need to have an honest conversation about it for the sake of every generation’s livelihood.

    Does a more mature person lack technical expertise? It’s true that we weren’t born into the information age. However, we grew into it as it emerged. Many of us are more adept at learning software than younger generations. Why would you even doubt that? The characteristics of innovative thinking, needing challenge, an entrepreneurial spirit and an inquisitive mind don’t die at a certain age. If you believe that, when will these characteristics die in you?

    If you are excited about challenge and learning when you’re 35, you will be when you’re 65. You’ll be capable of it, too.

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What To Do When You Can’t Find a Job 
4 Real problems with 4 real solutions

by Paige Liwanag at

Think of your job search journey like a hose in your front yard. When it’s going well, the water flows strong from the water source all the way to the end of the hose. But today, you turned the water on and it’s not making its way to the spout. The problem? There’s a kink in the hose.

    If you’ve been on the hunt for a new job for a while with no success, then like that hose, your job search process has a kink in it. Let’s find out exactly where it is and how to work it out.

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Consider This
If you think looking for a job is tough…

As difficult as a job search can be, and for someone over age 50 a job search can be extraordinarily tough, just as difficult can be making the decision whether to accept a job offer or not. With job offer in hand, just when you think you’re finished looking, you’re faced with a whole set of other considerations.

    Even if this prospective job meets your financial goals, there is a lot more to look at. What are your financial goals? Can they be met with bonuses, stock options, a car allowance, more vacation? There may be some trade-offs needed.

    Then there is the actual job. Will you actually enjoy the work? Will it be sufficiently challenging? Will you be able to work with and/or like your new boss? What is the likelihood that you will be successful in this new position? Will you be able to make meaningful contributions?

    What about time? Will your next schedule fit into your lifestyle? This is especially true if you still have children at home. Will you be able to work from home, or does the employer offer flex time? Will the job require travel? If so, how much?

    And that’s just the job. What about the company?

    How far is your commute? Again, can you work a day or two a week from home?

    Will you and your personality fit the job, your co-workers and the company culture? Will you need any additional training? What kind of post-hire training will be available?

    You’re not out of the woods yet. There are a lot of questions that need to be addressed and answered before you sign on the dotted line.

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